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Inner Child Workshops

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Inner Child Healing


Who is the Inner Child?


The Inner Child is a part of your soul. It is the baby you from in the womb and up to six years of age. This is the real you, the fun loving, joyful, innocent being that you were birthed as. This child becomes lost in the layers of emotional baggage it lays down as fear and painful incidents occur in its’ young life and misperceptions are put in place and held onto.


Why does the Inner Child need healing?


The negative emotional issues and experiences that the child encounters colour its’ whole life with behaviour patterns, emotional responses and thought. The experiences repeat and grow in your life until you take note and change your perspective, which then heals the issue. People often need help to see the truth about the child’s misperceptions of incidents that occurred in their lives.


Why is this important now that I am an adult?


Patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us are like old clothes, they fit us well and we no longer see them. If you have issues around any negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, deep sadness, feeling unsafe or fear of any kind then these are behaviour patterns which no longer serve you. Clearing the negative energy associated with these things helps you to move on and develop mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Releasing the old makes way for the new!


I have blotted out my childhood, I have no memories.


Many people cannot connect to or remember  their inner child at all because it is too painful. They may even have put up a shield to hide behind so that they cannot feel. Part of our work is to reconnect people energetically to their inner child and then help people to heal the issues and the pain surrounding them so that they can remember properly and reconnect to the beautiful, joyful being they really are.


I had a happy childhood , do I need healing ?


Many people are under the misapprehension that because they remember having a happy childhood and loving their parents, that there is absolutely nothing to heal. The truth is that even happy childhoods have some not so happy times. What seem to have been innocuous occurrences to the adult you, created fear, misperceptions, and negative emotional behaviour  patterns and responses in the child and later in the adult you. The important point to note here is that all  childhood experiences are always viewed through the eyes of the child you were at the time and not the adult you have become.


I had an unhappy childhood.


When you have known incidents in your childhood such as divorced parents; abuse physical or mental, alcoholic or drug addicted parents; loss of twin, sibling, parent or companion animal; loss of home; living in conflict situations such as war; bullying; or being in a children’s home/in care, then your inner child issues are much more obvious . However, very painful incidents can be blocked or hidden so that we don’t have to remember or feel them. They are still there though , impacting on your life and emotions , so they need to be healed.


Inner Child Healing is the third step in The Enlightenment Process , but can be done at any time as part of your healing journey. The healing is facilitated by  the use of The White Light , The Inner Child Essences and Relief Essence from  Rose Cottage Flower Essences.


For further details contact either Sue or Robina


This subject is huge as my sister and I found out when we were clearing childhood issues and reconnecting to our Inner child. This is big healing and can take weeks to complete. Your emotional patterns and your behaviour patterns are set for life from the time you are conceived to the age of six years. See article Has your Inner Child gone to Never Never land? This journey is cathartic and you need to give your self a lot of time and space and be very kind to yourself whilst you are going through this process.  Healing Inner Childhood issues includes looking at all aspects of your childhood and the people you were surrounded by. It will bring up a lot of truths that you may never have known or wished to face and some revelations as well. You will join some dots as my sister likes to put it!!



It helps to have The Shining the Light Trio and Relief Essence as tools as well as whichever of the Inner Child Essences that you decide that you need. Also Wonder, Joy. and Laughter&Giggles as well as A Singing Heart may be appropriate as well


There are 3 ways to do this:


On your Own

Step 1   Reconnecting to your Inner child or strengthening the connection.

Tools    Reconnecting to your Inner Child Essence. Plus others mentioned above.

          How to Worksheet.     Email or paper copy     Cost £4.75


Step 2   Healing your Inner child Issues.

Tools    Relief Essence, this is because it acts as a catalyst for bringing up issues.

          The Shining the Light Trio

          Inner Child Essences. Which ever resonate with you plus others mentioned above

          How to Worksheet.    Email or paper copy      Cost £4.75


In a one to one session

Sue or Robina are happy to facilitate a reconnection to your Inner child using the White light and essences and begin your journey of healing your Childhood issues.

Private Sessions are £35.00 per hour.

Bottles of Essences are extra.



A]  Gather 4-6 people of a like mind who are interested in doing this work……. The venue can be Rose Cottage or if it is not too far we will travel.

B]  Ring us if you would like to do a workshop and when we have enough people we will let you know.


There is a B&B in the village. And a map for Rose Cottage is here.


Costs:  Workshop at Rose Cottage which includes lunch.     £ 65.00

         Essences are extra.


         Workshop away costs will include travel expenses etc


Place: Rose Cottage Healing Garden
Rose Cottage
Playford Mount
Great Bealings
IP13 6PH

Map - Rose Cottage Location

Course Facilitators :
Robina Hearle - Co-Founder of The Family of White Light; Inner Child Healing & Reconnection Therapist; The Enlightenment Process Facilitator; Miasm Program Enabler; Reiki Master; Flower Essence Therapist, Chartered Phsiotherapist.

Sue Stothard  - Co-Founder of The Family of White Light; Inner Child Healing & Reconnection Therapist; The Enlightenment Process Facilitator; Miasm Program Enabler; Reiki Master.


To book a place Tel: Robina on (01473) 738905 or Sue on (01986) 788300.  


Reconnecting To Your Inner Child


Suggested Accommodation

Apple Tree Cottage Bed & Breakfast
Boot Street
Great Bealings
IP13 6PB

Map - Apple Tree Cottage Bed & Breakfast


Tel: (01473) 738997



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