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Joy – Schlumbergera Bridgesii
10 ml Bottle - £5.50
Wonder - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To open our hearts to the miracles and wondrousness of our surroundings.
To be awestruck by the beauty of our world.
To regain the magic of wonder as seen through the eyes of the child.
To enrich our souls.

For those who have lost the feeling or idea of wonder and awe.
For those who have closed down to all but the mundane.
For those who never see the natural world that they live in.
For those that look but do not see.
For those that have lost the magic of life.

‘Dear one, you are a miracle of this universe. Acknowledge that you are, and look about you to see the miracles reflected back to you. Allow the wonderment of these miracles to permeate your being. This wonderment is, indeed, life renewing and life affirming and absolutely life prolonging.’ From P’taah. The Gift. Thru Jani King

Wonder is a positive attribute that enriches us on all levels. Being positive in our lives helps to maintain our health and well being. Negativity is definitely detrimental to our health and well being.



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Singing Heart - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To learn to recognise what makes your heart sing, fascinates you, your favourite things, what you love, or gives you pleasure.
To rejoice in the knowing and to be fully present with and feeling the joy, love and fun these things bring that are making your heart sing.
Helps bring up the emotions that led to you shutting down this part of your heart in the first place.

For people who have no idea of what makes their hearts sing.
For people in their childhoods who closed down their hearts because of loss of freedom, constant chores they were expected to do, too academic, too serious, too controlled, musical practice. For those children who were child slaves or labourers.

This essence encourages you to take time to engage with and delight in what makes your heart sing. How many times do you say “I love that” or “wow, look at that”. Have you been fascinated by the tadpoles in the pond, a flower, a sunset or the inquisitiveness of a kitten. Loved the smile on an old Lady?s face because you took the time to say hello. All these and many more may make your heart sing. Start a list today!


Positive Effects

Puts a smile on your face, brings joy, a vibrancy, the Wow factor to your life, encourages excitement.  Gladdens heart and brings colour to your life.



When your life is mundane and a shade of grey and when all possibility of joy has gone from your life.  When you frown more than smile, when you have closed down, lost or forgotten how bright life can be.  The winter blues.



This essence was made on the winter solstice in 2005, before the energy changed over to the spring.  It is about looking forward and loving joy in your life in the dark times.  For reminding you that life can be vibrant, exciting, colourful and to smile.  It helps to bring this change of perspective from the mundane to waking you up, back to colourful life.  We spend so much time without smiling in our lives in a miasma of dull grey getting on with life –this essence intends to pull you out and make you realize that this does not have to be your norm.


Laughter & Giggles - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
For remembering how to laugh, have fun see the comical side of life.
For cultivating, a healthy, good natured sense of humour.
For remembering how to have a fit of the giggles.
To laugh from the belly a clearing healing laughter.
For spontaneous laughter, light heartedness, joyous laughter.

For people who have forgotten how to laugh let alone giggle.
For those who take life to seriously.
For people who have lost their sense of humour.
For people who never had one, or a sense of the ridiculous!

Laughter is a healing medium. It’s a safety valve in circumstances that would often overwhelm us. Laughing from the belly is a release of pent up emotion and can clear and heal just as crying does. Laughter releases hormones into our system that gives us a feeling of well being, which boosts our healing mechanisms so on a physiological level it is important to do this ……because depression and feeling low also releases a Hormone that drags us down and suppresses our immune system.