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The White /Crystal Light of Christ

An essence was made of the frequency of the White/Crystal light of Christ called Crystal Light. This is so people can be treated with the Light if they have no-one near them to go to.


Beyond Reiki

My sister and I were attuned to Reiki Mastership at least eight years ago now. We both thought at the time that this was the ultimate and highest vibration of healing energy that could be attained on this plane. Well we were naïve and wrong. Vibrations rise all of the time, this never stops. The next step for us was the Attuning to The White/Crystal light of Christ. The White/Crystal light vibration will also rise, become brighter as your frequency rises through healing and cleansing, personal and spiritual development.


I was attuned to the White/crystal light first because I was put into service to help healing to occur in other dimensions over a three year period which caused my vibrational frequency to be sufficiently raised so that I could be attuned. One year later I attuned two others, one being my sister. Now we are being told to make this available to all who feel attracted to it.


The White/Crystal Light is the light of Christ it is the energy Jesus brought here two thousand years ago that is now returning .it is the second coming of this energy consciousness to this plane. By attuning people we are effectively grounding the energy onto the planet. For the people being attuned it is definitely the beginning of the Enlightenment Process if you choose to go down this route.


Pre Attunement Assessment

An assessment has been devised because we have had people requesting The White Light Attunements who are clearly not suitable [people with severe mental illness] or are just not yet ready. If you are not yet ready this means that you need some further healing and development before you can carry the intense vibrational frequency of The White/Crystal Energy. This can be done through one to one healing sessions or sequential Tailor made combination bottles of essences. It is therefore necessary to have an assessment before we can proceed.



There are four Attunements, each lasting about one hour, part of the hour is healing preparation work the rest is the attunement. One of the Attunements will involve placing of a crystal implant on the etheric level into your third eye to enable you to beam the light. Preparation work will begin on you the minute you choose or you are guided! to decide to undertake the Attunements. Each person will then be assigned an ascended master to help them on their journey.


The Benefits of the White/Crystal Light to Humanity: Grounding this energy at this time will help the planet and all that reside here to go through the change of consciousness that is occurring at this time raising its vibrational frequency. The light stands for unconditional Love. Peace, Truth and Harmony and will shine in to all the dark corners of the earth bringing change with it for the highest good of all concerned. Each person attuned to the Light is a Beacon, emanating Light to all you meet and talk with in every situation. Every person you have energetic connections with through your life will receive Light from you. Your children and partners who have the strongest connections will receive so much light that after two to three years they will be automatically attuned to the Light. So you can begin to see how it spreads and how important it is. Our manual gives more details of how to consciously use the light and how it has affected people. People will be attracted to talk to you and you will give them healing unconsciously



The White/Crystal Light Manual                              £6.50 plus P&P

Pre Attunement Assessment                                   £10.00

Attunements                                                      £35.00 for each one



Sue Stothard who lives in South Norfolk                    Tel: 01986 788300     email:

Robina Hearle who lives in Gt Bealings. Suffolk            Tel: 01473 738905     email:


Sue and I could do group sessions of 4 between us or do 2 people at a time by ourselves.

There is a B&B in my village of Gt Bealings for anyone who wants to travel to us from away.


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