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Water of Enlightenment
Water of Enlightenment - A Channelled Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50
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Positive effects
For courage when trauma strikes, helps us face the difficulties that lie ahead, physical, emotional and mental. Deep core fears, trauma, issues that we hold come up at times of extreme stress this essence helps us to cope.

When we need courage to face the unimaginable, when we are in total panic, fear, terror and beside ourselves.

This essence enables us to have untold courage in times of extreme adversity, it therefore also speeds our spiritual expansion growth. It is help in a bottle; it enables us to get though what ever life is throwing at us.

In my experience Water of Enlightenment is a powerful essence, which reaches beyond anything that can be said in words. It is a precious aid to me, personally and in my work as a house parent. Since it releases a lot of deep emotions that are locked inside of me, it opens new doors, new ways of perceiving myself and the world around me.

I have used Water of Enlightenment with children who have had traumatic family experiences (e.g. parent’s divorce, death etc]) At the moment, I am using it with an eight year old Japanese girl who finds it difficult to go to sleep. At bedtime, she used to complain about painful stitches around the heart area, saying that she could not go to sleep because “it is so scary!” I usually gave her some Rescue Remedy mixed with Aspen before she went to bed. I have since found out that her parents recently split up and that she rarely sees her Mum anymore, when she goes back to Japan for the holidays. So now I give her Water of Enlightenment, once a day. She does not complain about the heart pain now and seems to sleep well. Moreover, she often comes to me to talk about her house and family etc. and this is big progress. She told me the other day, that when she feels the pain around her heart, it is because she can not cry: she explained it as swallowing quickly to stop the tears coming. I have told her how important it is, that everyone in Summerhill is allowed to cry, and why she should not feel bad about crying.

In that moment, it was clear to me that Water of Enlightenment is working, releasing deep seated anxieties and emotions, allowing them to come to the surface and therefore allowing them to heal.

Pascale Andrivon
Summerhill Houseparent

Case Studies

A thirteen year old boy had been experiencing panic attacks; he was worried and anxious about everything. Every time he had one of these episodes he took Water of Enlightenment. He found that the attack would stop and he could control his feelings. Now at the age of sixteen he has less panic attacks, but knows and is confident that if he did experience one that he can stop and deal with the situation.

A forty–six year old woman who was quite shy found people and situations often intimidating. She also experienced anxiety and fear about her safety. She took Water of Enlightenment and found herself moving to a new level of beingness. She was suddenly talking to people who previously would have frightened her and doing things without a second thought that before she would not have contemplated. This has enabled her to move forward in her life more confidently.



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