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How To Use Essences

The essences can be taken orally, either straight into the mouth or put into a glass of water of juice. They can be put on pulse points or meridians or chakras. You can sit and hold the bottle for a while or sleep with it under your pillow. They can be put into your bath. Some essences are sold in creams, lotions or sprays.

The dosage is either on the bottle or is given to you by your therapist. Tap the bottle on the bottom to activate the essence before taking.

Many people build up a range of essences from many sources over time. In this way they can provide their own emotional healing. On a daily basis you can ask which essences are needed or make up a bottle for several days if a particularly thorny problem comes up.

This continuous use of flower essences really helps to remove collections of emotional baggage. Also, if you use dowsing or muscle testing to remove your intellectual thoughts, depending on which essences come up for you, it can show what is happening in your life and even what is about to happen.

Individual experiences with essences will vary. You may have a strong reaction, an intensification of emotions or you may notice nothing but gradually become aware that change has taken place. The essences facilitate change - It is up to you to take note and learn the difference.