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These are changing times here on planet earth. Humanity is going through a shift of consciousness.


For the first time in millennia we have again the opportunity to become Ascended Masters whilst in a physical body. In order to do this we have to be whole in mind, body and soul.


In this article I am looking at the possibilities of soul healing that is opening to us. As my sister and I have discovered through our tutelage and on going step learning curve. A soul can have many parts missing. This soul loss can occur in this lifetime or in previous lifetimes. This means that you can be born with parts of your soul missing, which is a disadvantage and a handicap to thoroughly taking advantage of the rich experiences of this lifetime. One in four people are affected this way.


We have also come to realise that the consequences of coming in with soul loss can be the cause of many disturbing illnesses, autism, Alzheimer’s, mental illnesses to name just a few.


We have also learnt about introjects, which are fragments of a soul which in the life they attached to you wanted to dominate or control. Often this is a parent or grandparent. Introjects can come from previous lives as well as occur in this life.


Hook-ins are discarnate, opportunist entities that hitch a ride for a while. These will occur when you are vulnerable and your energy is low. You do not take them with you into another life.


Possessions are extreme cases of discarnate individuals who try to actually take you over. Severe mental illness usually highlights these.


Many people are aware that they are not whole and there is part of them missing, they may go from therapist to therapist but never get the total answer. Talking and counselling will not strengthen an energetic soul connection. It takes energy dynamics, to reunite and strengthen a weak connection.


Help can be sort., Sue and I do a full assessment which identifies the pieces of soul that are missing, in what order they are to be put back and if there are any introjects , hook-ins or possessions, [in time a range of soul connection strengthening essences will be made for people to be able to help themselves.] In the meantime we work with a spirit guide team who specialise in this work who do the healing, preparation and re connection work needed.


Time For Our Souls To Be Whole