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This is more of a universal chakra than a spiritual one. It contains skills that help you to cope with awareness and consciousness on a universal scale and integration with the galactic communities... These skills will not manifest until the fourteenth chakra is opened. Not many people on the planet at the moment will get this far.


In years to come it will become common place to facilitate all the universal chakras.

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Tailor Made Combination Essence
10 ml Bottle - £20.00

Subsequent 10ml Bottle - £15.00

A tailor made bottle of essences can be made for you, for whatever range of problems/issues/traumas  that are happening to you at this time.


With the tailor made combination you can also receive email support, a profile of the essences, and advice sheets as appropriate.


For very complex and deep seated issues it is quite usual for people to have 1,2, or 6, bottles or more sequentially, each bottle moving the person forward on their healing journey.


For those people doing the Enlightenment process as a spiritual journey , then there will be many sequential bottles.


All you have to do is email Robina with the problems so she has a link to you to work with and then by simple muscle testing and connecting to you energetically she can obtain an accurate profile of essences required by you at this time.


The initial bottle is £20.00, this comes with advice sheets and assessment as appropriate. For subsequent bottles of your tailor made essence the price will be £15.00. Please click on the correct Add to Basket button.


To order a bottle and email Robina:

Tailor Made Combination Essences
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