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Goddess Essence Set 2
The Stages Of Woman - Channelled by Mary Magdalene
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Goddess Giving Birth Essence
10ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects:

Prepare the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a woman for the birthing process to take place with ease. To help put back the energetic patterning that has been lost over aeons of time. To Take the fear out of the situation, and give reassurance. To help the baby feel safe and confident.



For women who are apprehensive in this situation. For women who are filled with fear. The birthing process has been corrupted so much so that it is now filled with too many difficulties that are present in the consciousness of many women. It is a natural event that should occur with ease and joy, but not many women experience this on the planet at this time.


To be taken 3 weeks before the expected event.

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The Fertile Goddess Essence
10ml Bottle - £5.50

The intention of this essence is to put in place the balanced energetic patterning on all levels of PEMS to facilitate fertility.


Specific energies are needed for this to occur, this essence seeks to correct distorted energy patterns in the base and sacral chakras.


Women’s fertility has become distorted due to the degradation of the female energy and loss of honouring of themselves over the last 3000 years and more.


Modern contraception also creates energy imbalances. Fertility is a woman’s sacred gift, we have lost sight of this as sex has become disproportionately about lust rather than conceiving children.


Women will eventually return to a knowing when in their cycle that they are fertile, for the moment this gift of awareness has been lost.

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The Goddess With Child Essence
10ml Bottle - £5.50

The intention of this essence is to aid the pregnancy process from conception to birth, by creating healthy energetic patterns in the PEMS that enable the whole process to go with ease.


Keywords:  Joy, satisfaction, placidity, contentment, serenity, loving and nourishing environment, tolerance, balance.


Positive Effects:

To distress an event that has become surrounded by fear, old wives tales, lies and distortions. To enable a woman to feel happy and joyous and content in her new role. If the mother is content then so will be the baby and will not therefore create any inner child issues at this point for the baby. To support the woman in her process. Underlies the gift and the importance of the situation.



For the woman who does not feel at ease with carrying a child. For the woman who is apprehensive, fearful and overwhelmed in her new role. For the woman who wishes to feel contented and happy with her role.

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The Changing Goddess Essence
10ml Bottle - £5.50

When women undergo the change of life this occurs on all of the levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This essence’s intention is to encourage the process to proceed in a balanced manner. Redundant energies need to be cleared before the new paradigms can be in place.


Positive Effects:

To create an easy transitioning process. To release with gentleness and ease all the old issues, behaviour patterns, thoughts and fears that are held in the body and prohibit an easy change. To help allay the fears of the change taking place. To help you to stop fighting an inevitable process, stop seeing it as a hindrance, a negative step in your life. To stop seeing it as a marker of old age creeping on, it is only your belief that creates that one! To embrace the stage of the wise woman. A sexually active, powerful, creative individual.

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The Maiden Goddess Essence
10ml Bottle - £5.50

This essence is for puberty onwards as a girl begins her cycles and becomes a powerful and sexually active, aware being.


The intention of this essence is to create a balanced transition from child to maiden, and to balance and enhance the monthly cycle.


Our perceptions and beliefs surrounding the moon cycle have become damaging on all levels of PEMS. Beliefs such as women are unclean at this time, have to be hidden away, dirty, smelly, something to be endured, calling it a curse, dishonouring the gift. All of these thoughts and more have been seeded into the female consciousness over a long period of time creating dis-ease. Painful cycles to mention just one.

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The Grandmother Goddess Essence
10ml Bottle - £5.50

Keywords: Balanced wisdom, enhanced creativity, insight, clarity, guidance, service, knowledge, patience power.


The intention of this essence is to ensure the balanced energetic patterning of the wise woman/crone, has been set in place. To reveal and understand the potential of being a wise woman the power of the woman is at its peak at this time and needs to be used with integrity and responsibility. To harness the ability of enhanced creativity at this time.


Issues surrounding being a wise woman need to be released. Many older women in times gone by were burnt as witches and were greatly feared by men, this energy lives on in our memory. Women have had to hide and disguise their power and prowess. The Grandmothers can be a huge force for service and good for mankind.