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Spiritual Sites

Unfolding Enlightenment - is a journey of discovery, self-realisation, deep healing and cleansing as well as a growth of consciousness. It is also a spiritual path leading to Enlightenment. This is a practical, systematic,  down to earth approach to spiritual development. The process can lead to Practitioner Training.


Karma-Net - Online Courses, information and community events dealing with Meditation, Mind/Body, Zen, Metaphysics, Reiki, Japanese Culture, Homeopathy, Feng Shui, Aroma Therapy, Ayurveda, I Ching and more.

Herbal Medicine & Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way - Natural alternatives for women with health concerns such as menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, fertility issues, breast health and cancer prevention. Hundreds of woman-friendly links, a forum to share experiences and lots of information about Susun Weed (herbalist and author of women's health books) workshops, intensives, apprenticeships, and correspondence courses.

The Zoo Fence - A Commentary on Life and Living

A Spiritual Oasis - Free inspirational resources to uplift your Spirituality through Meditation, Positive Thinking, Visualization, and Love.

Circles of Light - Discover Free Astrology Signs, Free Tarot Readings, Free Horoscopes, and Metaphysics Wisdom.

One Spirit Project - Facilitating personal growth and spiritual enlightenment through commentary and discussion, we encourage new perspectives that will help you find meaning and purpose in your life. Large resource directory.

Beyond the Rainbow - Resources for Well-being/Gifts with Spirit
In addition to a wide variety of crystals, essences, statuary, and more, we give consultations and classes by email and online. We publish two free email newsletters.

Webspirit New Age Resources - New Age Spiritual and Personal Growth Resource. EBooks for free download and purchase. Topics include Personal Transformation, How To, Alternative and Natural Healing, Contemplation and Inspiration, Internet Marketing, EBooks, Music and more great titles added all the time. - proudly presents:
The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

P'taah is a Light Being who comes to us through the Pleiadian energy. With great love, wisdom and humor he talks about the changes coming forth for humanity and planet Earth.

Spiritualize - Stella Rodgers is a spiritualist teacher, speaker, healer, and clairvoyant demonstrator of many years experience in churches up and down the country. Her website is all about free information with essays and articles regarding all aspects of this philosophy as old as time itself. Spiritualism is regarded as a philosophy rather than a 'religion' because it advocates as paramount the individuals intellectual discrimination. Stella says,"We all need support from time to time from our friends where ever they might be, in this world or the next, don't we?"

Global Psychics: Real Psychics, Real Answers - Excellent Psychic Readings: online, email and by phone. Authentic psychic readers, mediums, astrologers, numerologists, animal communicators and medical intuitives. Plus: Insights on dreams, signs and symbols, creative living, spirituality, animal communications.

Spirit Healing - Jay of Jah has been working and writing in the field of healing arts for over thirty years.

NRG - Energy and Psychic Development teaching and courses in Reiki NRG, Celtic Reiki, Virdian Method, Lemuria, Crystal Vibro-Energetics, also overnight Psychic Development Workshops held in UKs most haunted locations.

Eventide Counseling - Connie Robillard and Marcel Duclos have provided counseling services throughout NH for over 25 years as individual practitioners as well as agency counselors.

Health and Goodness - Information, tips and inspiration for a healthier, happier life.

Healing Space - Spiritual healing in Bristol, weekly drop-in, private healing sessions, meditation. See website for inspirational videos & articles, links to distance healing, holistic health, spiritual resources, & contact information.

The Secret and the Law of Attraction - The Secret of abundance + The Secret of relationships + The Secret of health + The Secret of Life + The Secret of you

The Spirit of Transformation - Flower Essence Practitioner, Energy Healer and Transformation Game Facilitator

Free Past Life Regression Course - 30 Days to Past Life Memories is now available free of charge. Also Past Life Regression CD and download offer.


Ready Set Rise - Joe DePalma is an Inspirational Singer/Songwriter, Author, Speaker and creator of Ready Set


Online Physic Readings - Live Tarot - Live Tarot Readings -Psychic Phone Readings. Offering online psychic readings, online psychic chat, telephone psychic readings, psychic love readings, email psychic readings, live psychic reading, live tarot and tarot cards readings, worldwide. Get online psychic readings and live tarot readings from our qualified professional.


James Burgess - Life Management


Spiritual How To - Spiritual How To Information