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Spirit Healing Teams

Who Are They?


Sue and I both work with Ascended Masters who comprise the two different teams.


The first team for both of us are the ordinary healing team which has up to six spirit people of differing expertise. I call mine the Rose Cottage Team and Sue has the The 38 Team.


The second teams are a highly specialised unit whose work is soul retrieval. They find the lost part of a person’s soul and reconnect it, that’s putting it at its most simple explanation.


Why would I wish to have healing in this way?


Is it possible for me to learn to work with a spirit team like this?


The answer is yes. You have to want to and are committed to working on you first. Your vibrational level has to rise. So people who become attuned to The White Light and follow a path of deep cleansing and healing are eligible to work with a team. The team needs the fact that you can beam the White Light during a session because you are grounding the energy here for the team to operate.



What does a Healing session like this involve?


It can take up to an hour. You are fully clothed. You lie on a couch or sit in a chair its up to you. You may feel fizzing down your arms and legs as your body unwinds. Tingles, heat, cold, tugging, pulling sensations. You may see many colours or pictures as incidents in your life are replayed. You may feel some emotions coming up; you may wish to cry...that’s all fine.


After wards you will be thirsty. It may be that Robina or Sue is directed to give you some essences to go home with.


Usually you have three sessions, or if you are on an ongoing process of clearing, healing then may continue for more sessions.





Both Sue and I charge £35.00 per hour.


Robina is in Suffolk and Sue in South Norfolk. See contact page for more information.