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Dolphin Magic - Combined Energetic Signature of Bottle-Nosed,
Striped and Spotted Dolphin
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

Family bonding, socialising, sense of community, togetherness, belonging, unlimited joy, fun, easygoing, unconditional love.  Mother protection, guidance through young life, curiosity.



For families that are split by emotions and circumstance who need to unite, bond and socialise.  For people who find it difficult, or do not know how to socialise, bond and belong.  For people who have lost or did not know how to have joy and fun in their lives, perhaps believing they did not deserve it or felt guilty.  For mothers who need help to guide and protect their children, improve or awaken the mothering instinct.  For healthy curiosity and inquisitiveness.  For people who are wound up, worried and stressed and need to be more

easy going.



This essence was made on the 28.8.06, on a boat on the Atlantic Ocean off the island of Pico in the Azores.  It is a combination of energies from, striped, spotted but mainly bottle-nosed dolphins.  We, as a group of people swam with the wild bottle-nosed dolphins and after that, once we were back on board the whole pod of about 100 dolphins surrounded the boat.


The dolphins then proceeded to play, jump, do somersaults, ride the bow wave, come and look at us, especially the young who were then escorted away by their mothers.  This continued for about an hour.  It was a great privilege to have so much of their time and attention and it was very special.  We all felt afterwards the incredible magical energy of the dolphins; it was as if we had been attuned to their energy. We felt very high!  By the time we reached the harbour the essence had been made.


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