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Slow Down
Slow Down - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To slow down all aspects of your life.
To make you aware of the need to slow down.
To teach you to be in slow mode and really understand what that means.
To teach you to understand why you cannot sit still and are always busy.

For when you are rushing around at a hundred miles an hour and you are so wound up you cannot stop.
For when your thinking is so fast your body cannot keep up.
For when your life is one long rush and it is a habit to be so.
When you have lost the idea of how to think, be and feel.
For when rushing is an avoidance tactic to engage with life.

When you are in slow mode you are far more efficient than when you rush.
Doing things at great speed all of the time is a habit and a way of avoiding feeling and engaging with your emotions, it is a diversionary tactic to escape uncomfortable situations, feelings and pain. You need to ask yourself why, and is it time to heal this? Slowing down is of huge benefit to our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. It gives a holiday and allows us to connect with ourselves.


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