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I would like to say thank-you to Dan Brown for his book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ as this highlights to the world that the sacred feminine is alive and well. It most definitely is not a challenge to the sacred male, nor is it a battle of the sexes, men versus women, or a rise of the past feminist movement.

The rise of the sacred feminine is about bringing balance to the individual and the world. The ying and the yang in perfect harmony. Two thousand years and more this balance has been of the masculine, feminine traits have been overcome and nearly obliterated. There is no blame it was a co-creation by all concerned. However change is afoot and has been concertedly so for a hundred years or more.

The sacred feminine shines the spotlight on love, peace and compassion as well as other traits. Loving yourself as well as others, having peace in your heart, feeling compassion for yourself and others and knowing that all life is sacred even that spider in the bathroom! Does this sound familiar? Is this not the message of Jesus? Perhaps this is what is meant by the second coming! This time power, politics, greed and fear will not get in the way; the rise of the sacred feminine is already here and will not be stopped.

It heralds with it a huge wave of healing, look at the complimentary medicine that abounds. These many types of healing are all about bringing the individual into balance by concentrating on emotional, mental and physical issues all together. Through these differing ways we are being taught to understand ourselves at last and through that we begin to realise we have control over our lives, that we create our own reality. We are not powerless and do not need an outside authority to show us the way. In the past we have given our power away so easily. This brings personal responsibility and honesty.

Developing love for yourself and others, having peace in your heart, compassion, responsibility for yourself and your actions and innate honesty are all extremely powerful traits, they change your life emotionally, mentally and physically.
Every man has a female aspect as well as male, every woman has a male aspect as well as a female, however by bringing in more love, peace, compassion, responsibility and honesty more balance will occur because the male aspect has overshadowed the female so strongly in both men and women. As this happens the human race will move forward, we attain greater abilities and spirituality. Our rapid development of technology will no longer be out of balance with our ability to use it, which at the moment our sights are always set on the potential for destructive weaponry for every new breakthrough in our sciences. Our purposes will become higher; perhaps we will get around to saving our planet Earth.

The gifts of being a balanced individual are numerous, you are able to develop insight, see the higher purpose of events occurring around you. Wisdom, intuition, innate knowing without having to explain how and why, you develop a greater affinity with Nature and the earth and see that you are not separate but a part of all that is. You feel more joy in your heart, more happiness this in turn brings emotional, mental and physical well being. Your need for the material rat race diminishes, it all seems pointless, you step off the wheel of discontentment and stress which our modern life is designed to create. Contentment and liking yourself and even loving yourself [yes it is okay and possible] heals so much anguish and pain.

May I suggest that you set an intention everyday to have at least five minutes of Peace in your heart? It has been written that when we all have peace in our hearts then we will have peace in the world. It has to begin with someone so why not with you!

The Sacred Feminine, the New Age Movement, the Age of Aquarius, The Second Coming , call it what you may is alive and here and is now in mainstream awareness thanks to Dan Brown.

Robina Hearle


The Rise Of The Sacred Feminine