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Resonance - Autumn 2004, Issue 7

Courage is needed now because of earth, climatic and energy changes which are affecting our lives.

Myself and many Reiki Masters and therapists work when we are asleep, travelling and doing healing and rescue work. This is because there are global changes occurring, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unprecedented weather, floods, forest fires, landslides, wars and civil unrest to name but a few. These occurrences have prompted our recruitment by those in spirit to work at night. The recruitment took place at a Reiki Share one evening by a Tibetan Lama who told me, Hilary a clairvoyant and another friend Jane that we were to do this work and to meditate once a week, so we could be prepared.

A year and a half later and many global events on, we are still working at night and even afternoon naps, feeling exhausted during the day. Thank the universe for flower essences that have keep us sane and ever expanding. We are given energy when we are in need by the White Brotherhood who guide us to work and keep us safe. Our overall vibrational frequencies have been raised so that we can cope with the work. We have been passed from Lama to a higher vibrational guide known as Star of Joseph. I asked Star of Joseph if he would be willing to make an essence for this time. He was very keen and enthusiastic to help and for it to be widely distributed. While Hilary and I meditated one evening He infused a bowl of spring water, there were hundreds of bubbles in it at the finish. The essence we were told was to be called Water of Enlightenment - it gives people courage. It helps people after a trauma, personal or global. The essence gives people the courage to face the difficulties that lie ahead. The traumas will release deep fears and emotions in people that have been locked in. Water of Enlightenment has been especially formulated to help with this process.

This is a very powerful essence that has been created in response to the fear being brought about NOW by the current earth climatic and energy changes. The essence will help speed each person's growth. This is an ideal essence to keep handy in your first aid box, travelling kit, car or handbag, ready to be used at a moments notice.

The purpose of the above information is not to put people in fear, I am simply stating that this is what is occurring and this is what is being done about it. Working at night is not a new concept; many peoples in the past have done this. We are multidimensional beings, here on this dimension living in a body, having experiences and the last year has truly brought this home to me.

It is Reiki that has brought me to this point in my life. We are fortunate to have been taught by the Lama. One of the things he was adamant about is that the Master Attunement should not be split into two parts, because it causes stress to the physical body and for some people who are very sensitive, it causes emotional and mental distress. Hilary and I had first hand experience of this, luckily for only one day, as I attuned her to Master 2B the next day. We have also been told that all attunements are now being accompanied by another given by the Tibetan Monks, who always assist at these ceremonies; this extra attunement is to help people to cope with the unfolding world events.

Robina Hearle