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3D to 7D
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

The intention of this essence is to help us release third dimensional behaviour patterns and to open up to the consciousness, awareness and beliefs of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimension. The essence will dissolve and transmute the energy of the patterns.


This essence is likely to bring up for you a whole range of behaviour patterns from all corners of your life, personal occurrences from your Inner child and the parallel incidents that reoccur in different guises through your life.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns

Behaviour Patterns are deeply held energetic realities coming from habits, belief systems and patterns of behaviour that are clothed by our emotions. The patterns begin in the womb and you continue to produce them for all of your life. They become extremely complex mixed up and intertwined with emotions. Most of the time we have no idea that they exist because they become such an inherent part of us.  These behaviour and belief systems can be our own but we are also borne in to a family, village , society, religion, country , planet and universe and each one of these has set patterns of behaviour, beliefs and habits that we take on board as our own the moment we are conceived. This is called the Morphengic resonance. However we have found also that past life patterns that were not healed may play a part in the present day and manifest here now to be cleansed. Patterns will continue to grow and be reinforced the more you use them. You can only remove a pattern when you have released the emotions surrounding it.


In the process of the deep healing and cleansing of Enlightenment these patterns no longer serve us and need to be released.


Like the Miasm Program this is very deep and big healing, and will produce emotional and physical symptoms as the body releases them.


Releasing Behaviour Patterns About Death
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

The intention of this essence is to highlight and help you to recognise beliefs and behaviour patterns that you have about death. These may include disbelief that a death has occurred, and not wanting to acknowledge it, hiding from the truth of it. The waiting for a death to occur, waiting for news, the shock of death and your body’s response. Coping with death, watching relatives die, Fear of death yours and others. The rituals and beliefs, funerals, wakes, inheritance, loss grief, greed. Fear and horror of the pain of death.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns About Loss Of Self
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

If you were one of those people who disconnected from your Inner child this behaviour pattern has set in. This essence is for you. It is likely that at other times of extreme stress, shock, depression that you will disconnect another fragment of yourself. It may be highlighted to you as a loss of recognising yourself, knowing yourself, huge loss of self worth. Blocking out a part of yourself.


Other patterns may manifest with it such as loss of independent thought and sense of self due to an overly male dominant figure in your life. Being undermined, decisions criticised, you stop sharing your thoughts and ideas because of lack of approval, stop communicating. Fear of being overwhelmed, smothered, and not allowed to be the person you are. Behaviours of guilt about wanting to be your own self. Filial duty versus losing yourself.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns About Sex
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

We all have them we cannot help it because sex has become so distorted in our society. So this essence is to highlight to you your beliefs, and behaviour patterns that no longer serve about sex. It may involve shame of your body, embarrassment of nudity, prudery that women are under sexual subjugation, confusion around sex because of parental advice and beliefs about what’s right, wrong and expected of you.


Not being able to speak up about your needs and wants, because it is looked on judgementally, and a feeling that you shouldn’t. Others demanding gratification in a way you cannot cope with, accept or acquiesce to. Fear of sex, losing yourself, being out of control. Inhibition, Incest. Belief as a man you will loose your strength and be able to reach spiritual goals. That women are evil, unclean and ensnare men. Homosexuality.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns Around Fear
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

We have four fears defined by P’Taah. My world is not a safe place, I am not worthy, I am powerless, and Love equals pain. All of our behaviour patterns are woven around these four premises. This essence is designed to help you unravel and acknowledge these patterns.


So here are a few pointers, patterns around control, because of not feeling safe, anxiety, bringing on Immune system stress. Avoidance, running away, [reading copiously or escaping in to fantasy are both habits of avoidance.] because cannot face the pain, stress of a situation. Not trusting yourself, not believing in yourself, people pleasing, Fear of speaking up so you talk quietly or not at all. Rounded posture to protect your heart. Not looking at people, having your head down avoiding being noticed. Talking very loudly to be noticed.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns Around Gender
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

This essence is to highlight your behaviour patterns and beliefs about gender. Every society has its beliefs around men and women, how they are valued and esteemed. There is on the whole a fear of the female energy which has brought about the historical situation we have today of the male energy perceiving to be dominant. We have antagonism between the sexes; some women believe they should be dominated. There is a lack of honouring the others energy. As well as lack of honouring your own.


There is a fear of men who betray there feminine side. Belief in the superiority of the male energy and there intellect being greater, that women are weak, that they have to be controlled. Some people struggle with the gender they are born with this time around, especially if you have spent several past lifetimes as one sex, to find you have suddenly changed. The role of male and female can become confused. We have at this time on the planet a balancing of male and female energies in ourselves which may well throw up fear. Are you happy in the skin you have if not what are you doing to fight against it?

Releasing Family Behaviour Patterns
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

The intention of this essence is to highlight and help you to release behaviour patterns and beliefs held within the family you were borne into or were brought up by. These patterns will go back to grandparents and great-grand parents. They will pertain to all aspects of life from religion to politics, to race, gender, sex, death, how families ‘’should” behave, how children are brought up, moral values, discipline.


Here are a few instances which will have caused emotional issues and behaviour patterns to ensue.  Ideas that goodies were too good for the children, they wouldn’t appreciate them. Not being allowed to talk at the meal table. Being seen and not heard. Subjugation and violence to women of the family. Incest, not taking enough care of the emotional wellbeing of children, a child’s feeling not being taken into consideration. Parents wanting to be looked after by there offspring to the point that offspring‘s life is given up. Pride in possessions and appearances coming before family. Snobbery, fear and hatred of other races. Control, coercion and force. Suicide. Cutting off members of the family

Releasing Behaviour Patterns Around Money
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Money is just an energy it is what we do with it, how we perceive it and use it causes the problems. Patterns of behaviour may manifest because we believe we have to work to receive money, that you are not worthy to have it. There is a fear of money, you spend money quickly so that you won’t have any or you hide it away out of sight. You may have a belief that you have not got any [especially when you have hidden it] fear of lack, not having enough, money is not spiritual. Breeds greed, deceit, lies jealousy, snobbery, false ideas that the more money you have the better you are. Worship of money, corruption, hoarding, miserly behaviour, not allowing money to flow. Blaming others for your lack. Poor me, victim mentality. Sacrificing yourself for property, envy of perceived freedom that having money might bring. Guilt attached to money, not spending it on yourself always on others, because you are not worthy. Do not appreciate what we do have. Fear of loosing our money, security, money having strings attached. More prudent with cash than the unseen money in the bank.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns Around Religion
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Behaviour Patterns around religion are often based on deep fear of not being safe of you are not good enough. This essence will help you to recognise these patterns in your life which no longer serve. Here are a few examples.


Fear of going to hell if you are bad. You are not worthy and a sinner. You are not to put yourself first but last… many people feel they are not worthy of anything good in their lives. Duty and discipline, no time for self. [Past life issues if you were a monk]  Judgement, constant fear of being judged and not deemed worthy. Power taken away or you gave it away to the abbot, priest etc, not having any ideas of your own, thinking for yourself on religious/spiritual matters frowned on.  Male dominance in every religion, subjugating women.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns of Society
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

These beliefs and behaviour patterns are so deeply imbedded we are not aware they affect us. This essence will highlight these to you to clear.


The work ethic, we can often live to work and do not relax. As British we see ourselves as supreme and masters in the world giving us arrogance.


We continue to have a big part to play on the world stage, we want to be recognised, and applauded, we do not want to speak other languages, egotistical and lazy. Being frugal not allowing treats from the war years. Distrustful of foreigners, because we have been invaded so many times. We keep things bottled up, we can be rigid and uptight, reserved, holds on to emotions, not letting people see our weakness. We do not say what we mean or mean what we say. Hide behind humour; do not speak out directly, hedge around a subject.  You have to cover up your body; nudity is shameful, feudal and class society. Democratic but big brother is watching you, being restricted, and perception of loss of freedom. Our society is full of controls, rules and regulations fear based. Sex is done behind closed doors and death is not talked about.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns of the Planet
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Behaviour patterns of the people of the planet are what we all have in common. These are very deep and often physical. As well as emotional. our bodies react to our thinking all of the time we are not always aware of it.


Fight or flight, this is a normal response, but we often cannot switch it off and the adrenaline runs our lives, causing huge dis-ease in our physical and mental being. Choosing to live or die, stay and fight or run away. Each new experience can set this off, we immediately assume the worst.


Choosing not to see the whole picture about a subject. Being egotistical, assuming the world revolves around you. Hiding from your emotions by being constantly distracted, from alcohol, drugs, computer games, reading, and films. Etc. Doing rather than being. Not taking responsibility for. Your actions. Shock in the body, after shock comes depression, realisation it is happening to you, crying. Holding on to tension in the stomach. Guilt patterns, guilt used as emotional blackmail.

Releasing Behaviour Patterns of the Universe
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

The Behaviour patterns of the Universe are all aspects of ourselves that are out of Harmony or cause disharmony. This essence will help you to identify these in your life.


Imbalances of the male /female energy have caused great disharmony. In our physical bodies we have an imbalance between our left and right sides. Allowance [female] versus control [male]. We have a  pattern of switching off our intuition, perception and inner knowing [female] and giving our power away because of it and being in control[male]using our left brain, thinking and using logic instead. This imbalance does not allow the universe to work and we constantly get in its way. Then we get frustrated that things are not working out and try to control it all the more.


We forget to be in the NOW because we are in control rather than allowance. We think too much, again a control pattern rather than allowing. We do not clear out old energy habitually, this stops new energy and change from taking place with ease, causes disharmony which in turn damages our physical and mental well being. Clearing energy [emotional issues] for us is painful so we will do anything rather than face it.


Unmerited aggression due to fear is a behaviour pattern to get our own way or control this causes great disharmony. There are also behaviour patterns around love having conditions and unconditional love, love being with held and poor ability to communicate or demonstrate love, and not being worthy of love.