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Worthy of Love
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To heal the pain of not bonding with your mother, this resulted in the idea that you were not worthy.
To heal the idea of being unworthy because love was perceived to be withheld as a child.
To realise that you are worthy and are surrounded by love if you would just allow it. [See Allow Love Essence]
To teach you that the idea of being unworthy is just an idea, a great fear, a delusion and that it is not truth or real; to understand where the idea of the inner child was conceived in the first place.

For the child that did not bond with their mother.
For people who are desperate to be loved, nurtured, cherished.
For people who will look for love in the most destructive of situations. i.e. rape, abuse. Mistaking negative attention as affection of some sort.
For people who fear love will be taken away, rejected or will loose the love they are given.
For people who believe that they are not worthy of being loved.
For people who are angry because love was perceived to be not given.


Balanced View - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To view things equally with the left and right eye, left and right brain.
To see a full rounded picture and perspective that is balanced with clarity and insight
The emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves will be in alignment through a balanced view.
A balanced view allows us to be centred.

For when you use one eye more than the other, giving you a distorted view.
For when you shut out or ignore half the picture.
For when you do not wish to see the entire picture because it is too painful, and this habit of shutting out the whole picture has come from bad experiences.
When you see every situation from the perceptions of the wounded child, which gives a distorted view of reality.
For when you only perceive your world from the mental plane and do not see the pain and emotions that surround you.
For people who have problems seeing on any level.

It is to understand that seeing, insight, clarity, perspective; fear on an emotional/mental level affects our physical eye sight.


Burana Beauty
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
This essence teaches us to open our eyes, feel and know in our hearts that we are responsible and accountable for all of our thoughts, deeds, feelings, creations, interactions with others, our monetary dealings, our impact on the environment and the planet. We are responsible for the past as well as the present and future.

When we just won’t take responsibility for our lives. When we constantly act without thinking of the consequences. Thoughtlessness through lack of awareness. Lack of awareness and consciousness in our dealings with people and situations. When we cannot see that we are accountable. For when we stumble blindly through life leaving in our wake a trail of destruction and disruption. When we want others to take responsibility for us.

This essence fires our awareness and teaches us to be responsible and accountable. It is part of our path of evolving consciousness that we take responsibility. We expand our emotional intelligence through learning and developing responsibility and accountability. We must learn to know that what we give out is what we get back and every action has a reaction, the law of cause and effect. Through use of this essence we become aware of our personal responsibility for those around us and the planet. We begin to realise that we are indeed accountable for our actions. Once we understand that we are responsible and accountable then our deeds and thoughts take on positive purpose and creative action.


Changes of Life - Rose Phyllis Byde
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
Allowing changes in your body, mind life and circumstances to occur with ease. Giving up resistance, being the allowance changes then occur smoothly and with gentleness.

For when we fight change even when we know it is inevitable. For when we have fear, resistance and uncertainty around change. When we fear the worst about something and do not allow the possibility that all will be well.

This essence is a vibrational support mechanism to hold us while transition in our lives occur, as we metamorphosis from one stage of life to the next. Giving us a gentle path on our journey. The changes maybe physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.



Grief of the Heart - A Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Indications
To open the heart where it has been closed down due to grief.
To allow the possibility of healing to take place in the heart.
To acknowledge your grief, feel it, surrender to it and transmute the feelings, and change perspective upon it so that you can move on with your life.

For loss, loss of loved ones real loss and perceived loss.
For loss of mothering and fathering, the guidance and support, the love, cherishing and nurturing.
For loss of your power, your self worth, your opportunities.
For loss of yourself, your joy, your identity, the true you, your inner child, childhood, inner teenager. Stages of your life.
For loss of siblings, brotherhood, sisterhood, friendship.
For deep sadness concerning all of the above.


Allowing Yourself to See
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
Letting go of the mindset and belief that you cannot see clairvoyantly.
Letting go of the blocks that you have put in place.
Allowing yourself, giving yourself permission to see clairvoyantly.
Teaching and learning to switch into clairvoyance.
Knowing and believing in yourself to see, and having the faith and trust that it will be so.

For those people who where clairvoyant as children and have blocked it out, because of fears.
For those people who believe that they cannot master the ability.
For those people who would like to be clairvoyant and regain an ability that all humans have.


Changing Perspective - Rose Charles de Mills
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

Being able to see the truth of childhood hurts from another perspective.  To stop you going round and round in a circle

with an emotional issue.  Change the perspective, change the energy then you can transform it.



For when you get stuck with an emotional problem that keeps recurring and cannot see the answer.  For when you are still seeing a childhood hurt from the eyes of the child, old pain is usually seen through the eyes of the inner child.



When we need to see a wider picture of an event, possibly other peoples issues and truths at the time.  For recognising that what we thought had happened is not always so.


Dissolve Panic - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To recognise and teach that you are beginning to panic and what is triggering it.
To let go of the emotional behaviour patterns of going into panic whenever you are fearful, feel unsafe of feel threatened.
To allow yourself to be just with it and let it dissolve away.
To transmute the energy of panic, change perspective on it.
To maintain your chakras open instead of shutting down as they do in a panic attack.

For long held panic patterns from childhood.
For whenever we are fearful and that produces panic.
For all the levels of panic that arise from different triggers.
For people who experience panic attacks.
For people who accept they panic and it has become a normal response, its time to let go of the behaviour pattern.


Bearing Witness - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To be able to bear witness.
To know when to act and when to leave things alone.
To be able to bear witness and acknowledge your own pain.
To be able to allow and accept others their rites of passage, their chosen death, their experiences their pain and not interfere.
For the knowing that the universe teaches us through difficult experiences and great expansion occurs when you can bear witness.
For the knowing and discernment that what you are bearing witness to is only part of the story that you cannot see.
For the courage and patience, trust and faith it takes to bear witness.

For those people who shielded themselves as children from unbearable pain and cannot bear to see suffering as an adult.
For mothers who have to let go of their offspring and allow them to make their own mistakes.
For when we hide from our own pain, it will become insistent until we take note!
For when we always think we should jump in and help and in fact it is not appropriate.

Bearing witness to the suffering of others is one of the hardest things humans have to do. It teaches us discernment, courage, compassion, empathy, and wisdom.


Sense of Self - A Kuthumi Channelled Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects:
For an awareness of your self, your sovereignty and mastership.
For recognising your self confidence, power and capabilities.
For understanding and approving of your uniqueness, individualness and lack of need to be a member of the herd.
For knowing that you are alright, that going out into the world and being yourself with confidence and authority is okay.
For recognising your compassion and inner power and realising and being responsible for your actions and effects on others, knowing that all actions have a reaction.
For knowing the truth of who are and what you are capable of without being egotistical and arrogant.
For recognising that you are ascending, becoming enlightened and all that means.
For understanding the process of spiritual growth that is occurring and actually confirm to yourself that it is happening to you.

For people who do not recognise themselves as wondrous beings on a journey through life.
For people who do not love themselves, accept themselves, have awareness of themselves, have no faith or self belief and no compassion.
For people who are on a spiritual journey who need to stop and take stock of where they are and who they think they are.


Feeling - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

To awaken and to teach a person to feel feelings.  To have a sense of feeling and emotions.  To reconnect with the idea and sense of feeling.  To enable the whole range of feelings to be felt.  To switch back on the ability to feel emotions.



For people who do not know how to feel.  For people who cannot feel any emotion.  For people who have shut and cut off from

feeling because it is too painful.   For people who have an under developed emotional body.  For people who live entirely on the

mental plane.


Greater Reality - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To open and expand into the knowing that we are part of a greater reality;
That the truth of what we think we are now is only a small part of the whole.
To accept happily this knowledge that greater reality and potentials unfold as our awareness and spiritual development increases.
To become aware that the veil is lifting and that which has been hidden is in fact in plain sight and always has been.
To help you access the ideas of the greater reality you are a part of.
For letting go of the fear that we could possibly be more than we conceive ourselves to be.
For pushing out and expanding the confines of our present belief systems, and being comfortable with this concept that they are infinite.

For those who are on a journey to discover who and what they are.
For those on the ascension path.
For those who are in fear of a bigger reality.
For those who are stuck and need to look beyond their present point.


Forgiveness - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

To teach what it feels like to forgive.  To allow the possibility and idea into your life that you can forgive yourself and others.  To enable us to forgive.  To enable us to be willing and want to forgive ourselves and others.



For people who do not know what it feels like to feel forgiveness.  For people who have been so badly hurt that forgiveness has never been considered.  For people who need to forgive themselves and do not know where to start.



To realise that all life experiences are a result of cause and effect, and to realise that people only act from their own emotional

perspectives because this is how they judge the world. To realise that people only act also from their level of conscious awareness.

To realise that you create your life absolutely, there is always choice as to how you perceive events.



Add Frequency Restorer Essence to cart
Frequency Restorer - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To restore our level of frequency when it has been lowered by outside events or situations or people, and their stories, issues and unbalanced emotional outbursts.
For balancing and stabilising your energy frequency.
To enable you to maintain your energy frequency, to stay in your level of awareness once it has been achieved.

For situations that arise when you are caught unawares and you are not prepared for the onslaught of emotions or other people’s problems. When you are on the Ascension path your vibrational frequency changes, for people around you who are not on the same path their frequency is different. This difference can make you wobble or waver and feel very uncomfortable. This essence will help with this by helping you to maintain your frequency while living in this world of differences. (Frequency differences are just that - differences, not a sign of being better than another.)


Singing Heart - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To learn to recognise what makes your heart sing, fascinates you, your favourite things, what you love, or gives you pleasure.
To rejoice in the knowing and to be fully present with and feeling the joy, love and fun these things bring that are making your heart sing.
Helps bring up the emotions that led to you shutting down this part of your heart in the first place.

For people who have no idea of what makes their hearts sing.
For people in their childhoods who closed down their hearts because of loss of freedom, constant chores they were expected to do, too academic, too serious, too controlled, musical practice. For those children who were child slaves or labourers.

This essence encourages you to take time to engage with and delight in what makes your heart sing. How many times do you say “I love that” or “wow, look at that”. Have you been fascinated by the tadpoles in the pond, a flower, a sunset or the inquisitiveness of a kitten. Loved the smile on an old Lady?s face because you took the time to say hello. All these and many more may make your heart sing. Start a list today!


Personal & Spiritual Growth

For more information, please read Feel The Feelings article.

Creative Heart - A Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

This essence teaches the following.
The secret of the universe is balance. The universe knows you need to be sustained on all levels to express your highest potential in this lifetime. There is nothing sinful about that.
When you are truly creative from the heart, you will attract a receiving flow as well and only by allowing it in will you keep the outward flow of creativity alive and vibrant.
By receiving joyfully, you expand the flow of abundance for both yourself and others. The creative spiral always generates a receiving flow also, so that receiving and giving are balanced out. That is the way of the heart.

For people who have a block in their heart around creating abundance.
For people who believe that it is not spiritual to have money or abundance.
For people who have guilt about receiving money.
For people who believe that money is the root of all evil.
For people who believe that they are not deserving of abundance and money.

Courage - Phalaenopsis White Orchid
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

Courage, finding your inner strength to move forward in life.  For vanquishing and throwing aside your fears.  It helps you to realize you have the courage to do what has to be said or done.



For when you are in fear now or have long held fears.  When you need to pluck up the courage to do something.



This essence addresses all levels of courage.  The realization that you have the courage is brought the fore.  When you have courage you can move forward in your life.


Faith - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

To open ourselves to the ability to have faith.

Allowing and realising that we do have faith.

Bolstering our faith when it falters.

Understanding what faith is. The just knowing it is so and all will be well, with no question.

Having a strong conviction that faith is part of your life.



For people who have no faith, lost it, become disillusioned and need a bolster.

For people who want to have faith and cannot connect with the concept.



Faith lives in the heart. It is not in the head, it is something you have to feel. Just know.

Knowing - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
For the facilitation of the ability to access all knowing. To help us regain this lost ability. The ability of knowing was one humans had in the time of Atlantis, the Nature spirits cannot understand why we need books and the written word, for they just know. We are all ascending, our consciousness is expanding at an alarming rate and this ability of knowing is coming back to us.

For when we begin to realise that we can in fact access knowledge.
For when we need to access knowledge.

The intention of this essence is to help enhance and boost this process, and help us to be aware of this capability, because we often use it without realising. As we become more integrated with our higher selves this ability comes more to the fore.


Living Life - Passiflora Cearulen
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
Feeling fully alive, centred and vigorous. Being ready to go. Open to possibilities and probabilities of life and your self. Expand your horizons.

When you have shut down and feel bogged down, not centred, mentally tired, life a chore.

This essence is allowing you to see the potential, the possibilities and probabilities in your life. Feeling alive, vibrant, being the emotional you helps to release inner turmoil, clears resentment and softens the resistance to the unknown and change. Allows us to see past conditioning and the constraints of the morphagenic resonance to be ourselves.


True - A Quan Yin Channelled Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To teach you to be True to yourself.
To give yourself permission and the courage to be true to yourself.
To let go of the fear of judgement from others when you are true to yourself.
To know that the way you live and interpret the world is as valid as anyone else�s.
To celebrate and love who you are as your true self and be happy with the differences you may perceive compared with other people.
To let go of the frustration, aggression and fear because you communicate different ideas, thoughts and a way of being to others and they are


For people who have had to hide their true selves away because they did not fit in with their family, village, country, religion or school.
For those people who have fear about being themselves.
For those people who have lost their true self.
For people who have always been overridden at expense of themselves.
For people who alter themselves like a chameleon to fit in.
For all indigos, psychic children, spiritually advanced people, gifted children, who know they are different and feel at a loss how to be.

When you are being true to yourself you are being a teacher and way shower for others who dare not.
You become very happy with and in yourself.
If you are a different type of person such as an Indigo, being different is a way of life but very difficult sometimes to be so and be happy, you can spend

your whole life trying to fit in and be accepted, and wonder why you are not. When you interpret the world differently communication can be difficult

because you are not reading the same hymn sheet. This can then lead to you not believing in and doubting yourself, or you become angry or fearful

because of punishment or lack of approval.