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All Essences and Programs are Copyrighted; January 1st 2009, Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard.
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Therapists Package

Hello and welcome to The Rose Cottage Miasm Program.


This is a unique program, for not only do we have the essences, the people taking them will always have some help from Spirit guides in the process. You as therapists just have to know this, you do not have to call the guides in, and there is nothing for you to do other than define which essences that your clients require.


Therapists intending to be Miasm program Implementers need to be able to dowse or use simple muscle testing to accurately choose the miasm essences [see How to choose essences under essences on the website].


The essences for this program were channelled by a Hathor guide. And unlike other therapies the miasms are actually removed and not just weakened. At this moment. I know of no other essences that can do this, but people are developing wonderful tools all of the time.


Therapists Information package:


  1. Instruction sheet for therapist
  2. The Miasm Information sheet.
  3. The Miasm program client information sheet.
  4. The Miasm program Assessment sheet.
  5. The Miasm program Advice sheet for clients.


Emailed or posted once paid for.


Set of Essences. Stock strength. 10 ml bottles.

7 chakra

12 Body Systems

Total cost £110.00


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