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Deep Peace - An Intentional Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To reach deep levels of Peace that we have been unable to get to because we have lost connection with our hearts.
To reach deep contentment through deep peace.
To reach the deep Peace of meditation.

For those who are seeking Peace.
For those who wish to know ever deeper levels of themselves.

It has been said that we only experience low grade Peace, joy and happiness because we live at such a low vibrations. The times are changing as we access growth in our consciousness then we increase our vibrations and can reach and engage with deeper levels of all of our emotions. This essence helps us to gain new levels of awareness of Peace.


Deep Stillness - An Intentional Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
For reaching a deep level of inner stillness and inner calm whilst engaging in your day to day activities.
To encourage, teach and develop inner stillness in our hearts.
To unwind totally and not allow outside influences to wind you up.
To be mindful.
To engage with life at heart level.

For those people who wish to attain the attributes of deep meditation but cannot go and live in a Buddhist community.
For those people who wish to engage in our fast mad world in a deeper and more meaningful way.

As our vibratory changes with the shift that is taking place we all will have the capability of reaching deeper levels within ourselves. Hence Deep Stillness and Deep Peace. It is advisable to begin this journey by taking Slow Down
and Being first.



Singing Heart - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To learn to recognise what makes your heart sing, fascinates you, your favourite things, what you love, or gives you pleasure.
To rejoice in the knowing and to be fully present with and feeling the joy, love and fun these things bring that are making your heart sing. Helps bring up the emotions that led to you shutting down this part of your heart in the first place.

For people who have no idea of what makes their hearts sing.
For people in their childhoods who closed down their hearts because of loss of freedom, constant chores they were expected to do, too academic, too serious, too controlled, musical practice. For those children who were child slaves or labourers.

This essence encourages you to take time to engage with and delight in what makes your heart sing. How many times do you say “I love that” or “wow, look at that”. Have you been fascinated by the tadpoles in the pond, a flower, a sunset or the inquisitiveness of a kitten. Loved the smile on an old Lady?s face because you took the time to say hello. All these and many more may make your heart sing. Start a list today!


Being - A Channelled Essence by Quan Yin
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To Teach you to be aware of how you are being in every now moment.
To teach you how to be still, quiet and peaceful. To stop your minds endless chatter.
To become aware of your contentment with life, realising you no longer need to strive, compete or yearn.
To learn to access your inner knowing.
To learn to be in your heart not your head, and what this means and feels like.
To be rather than do.
For self realisation.

For when you feel a desire to know more about yourself.
For when you realise there is more to you than your everyday self.
For when you ask the questions who am I and what am I .
For when you are out of balance and doing is all you do.

This essence is for when you stop allowing life to rule you and realise you can rule your life. That you are a being in your own right, a spirit having an experience called life. This essence allows you to access the part of you that you had hidden, your heart self??who you truly are. When you master the art of being you can be in balance with the side of you that does the doing [which has been in charge up until now] P'taah [A spiritual teacher] once said it is how you are being while you are doing that counts.  It is helpful to take Slow Down Essence in conjunction with Being.


Slow Down - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To slow down all aspects of your life.
To make you aware of the need to slow down.
To teach you to be in slow mode and really understand what that means.
To teach you to understand why you cannot sit still and are always busy.

For when you are rushing around at a hundred miles an hour and you are so wound up you cannot stop.
For when your thinking is so fast your body cannot keep up.
For when your life is one long rush and it is a habit to be so.
When you have lost the idea of how to think, be and feel.
For when rushing is an avoidance tactic to engage with life.

When you are in slow mode you are far more efficient than when you rush.
Doing things at great speed all of the time is a habit and a way of avoiding feeling and engaging with your emotions, it is a diversionary tactic to escape uncomfortable situations, feelings and pain. You need to ask yourself why, and is it time to heal this? Slowing down is of huge benefit to our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. It gives a holiday and allows us to connect with ourselves.


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Now - A Place Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
This Essence teaches us to be in the now moment. It slows us down. Expands awareness of ourselves, the world around us and our intuition. We can learn to focus.

When we desperately need to slow down, when events around us seem out of our control. For when we cannot focus and our thoughts are scattered. When we have lost our connection to people, ourselves and the world, because we are on the fast roller coaster of life and cannot get off. For when we don’t give ourselves time.

Being in the Now moment means you have slowed down and are paying attention to the details of life, your thoughts, your body and how it feels and what it is telling you, conversations and how they impact, the flow of life, the coincidences and what they are saying. The right side of your brain is working in a more balanced way instead of the controlling left side. You begin to have expanded awareness in the Now and life takes on a new sense of values.


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Greater Reality - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To open and expand into the knowing that we are part of a greater reality;
That the truth of what we think we are now is only a small part of the whole.
To accept happily this knowledge that greater reality and potentials unfold as our awareness and spiritual development increases.
To become aware that the veil is lifting and that which has been hidden is in fact in plain sight and always has been.
To help you access the ideas of the greater reality you are a part of.
For letting go of the fear that we could possibly be more than we conceive ourselves to be.
For pushing out and expanding the confines of our present belief systems, and being comfortable with this concept that they are infinite.

For those who are on a journey to discover who and what they are.
For those on the ascension path.
For those who are in fear of a bigger reality.
For those who are stuck and need to look beyond their present point.


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Greater Depths - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Greater awareness brings with it the ability to access greater depths of emotional baggage/issues of the soul.

The intention of this essence is to enable you to access, grab, pull out and clear these deeper issues. It may be that you will never know what they are about or need to know but they manifest as depression or anger or another emotional response pathway your body has learnt to show up a problem with.

Divine timing governs the access to these deep more complex issues. They will be presented to you to clear when it is the right time. I would suggest to have this essence handy.

This essence also applies to the Indigo and Crystal children and adults whose soul energy is different to many and who may feel isolated, abandoned, lost and different, not understood and have emotions that they cannot compute.

This essence is also for those going through the Ascension process or knowingly are changing their vibrational frequency.