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Let Go & Simplify
Let Go & Simplify - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

Helping and guiding us to make the shift from being always in our heads to into our hearts.  To recognise or acknowledge what our mind is thinking and how it is working.  Then you can decide to let the thoughts go because they no longer serve you.  Realising that we think too much.  Teaching us when we are in our heart space to simplify our lives, helping the realisation that we don’t need the complications of possessions, money etc that we have to be happy.  Realising that pain and lack is created in our minds by the impetus of fear, and that fear holds you back in life.  In our heart space we can feel peace, gratitude, compassion and love, this changes our perspective on life.



For when fear rules your every waking day, the mind is in control and is constantly demanding, the “mind stories” of low self worth, guilt, negativity are always present.  Those long philosophical dialogues we become addicted to.  For when you cannot cease your chattering mind. For people who live totally in their heads and have no awareness of the world around them, or that they are an emotional, spiritual being as well as a physical and mental one!  For people who believe that materialism makes them happy.  For people who cannot feel gratitude for what the do have.  For people who are unable to feel compassion.  For people who know they want to make a change in their lives, to grow and know more of whom they are.



This essence is about making the shift from mind to heart consciousness.  These two places have always been there and for the last two thousand years and more we have tended to live in our heads.  Living in your head is a totally different perspective to living in your heart.  When we live in our mind it’s a place of very limited awareness.  It is often a place of negativity, guilt, low self worth and great fear; this limits our potential as human beings.  When we live in our hearts our consciousness expands, we can feel the peace, love and gratitude, realise the beauty, know that all is well and all will be well, that there is divine order, that we are creators of our own reality.  Our potential as beings becomes unlimited because there is no fear in your heart; we come into our magnificent unlimited power.  


This essence was inspired by the channelled words of Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn. Celia has a wonderful website and I dedicate this essence to her amazing work.