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Clearing Karma - A Star of Joseph Channelled Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

For highlighting the deep emotional issues that you have not cleared from previous lifetimes that you have brought into this life time to heal.  These may be extreme terrors of mutilation, torture and annihilation, incidents of great pain, sacrifice and suffering.   Issues of pain to do with love, treachery, relationships, inadequacy, unworthiness and powerlessness, to name but a few.  You don’t necessarily have to know what the problem was in the past life, but often incidents in this life will bring up strong reactions which give you a clue, especially if whatever it is outside your range of normal.


The morphogenic resonance of this planet is fear. We are all controlled by our fears.  It is time to change and heal this. One way is for each person to heal their own emotional issues which not only benefits the person but the overall emotional energy around the planet. As we heal this the following generations will not be so infected with fear, it will no longer be a driving force in their reality.