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Has Your Inner Child Gone To Never Never Land?
Reconnecting To Your Inner Child

Reconnecting to your inner child, what does this mean? Why do I need to do this? , and who is this inner child anyway? And what has Never Never land got to do with it?


Your Inner child is a part of you, a real being. A fragment of your soul. The part of you that first consciously evolves from in the womb until six years of age. This child during this time experiences the world, and forms from these experiences her/his emotional pattern for life. This is the most important time in a person’s emotional development, because what happens now lays down behaviour patterns for life, good and bad.


It would be fair to say the Inner child is the real you, the innocent beautiful, angelic being that you came in as. So why do I need to reconnect? Well you might not have to, but just need to acknowledge his or her existence and strengthen the bond. If you need to reconnect it’s because the energetic connection has been severed and this fragment of your soul has been lost. This loss of connection occurs because of serious emotional, physical or mental trauma has been witnessed or been done to, and has occurred in the first six years of life [including the time in the womb] and the child has chosen to flee. These children flee to the Cave or Never Never land. This place is very real, J M Barrie’s story of Peter Pan and the lost and neglected boys is in part true, children do escape to another plane of existence, remember we are talking about a soul fragment not a physical being. This soul fragment, this child may stay in the cave for the whole of your life if you do not make an attempt to heal your emotional issues, traumas and pain.


My sister and I who do this reconnecting work have met people who know there is a part of themselves missing and don’t know what to do. We have also met people who have completely blanked out their childhoods because it is too painful to go there. Others have known they have left whilst in the womb. Some people do not ‘do fun’, do not  know how to play , be in joy, have wonder, have no concept of their child like qualities which are an essential part of our ability to experience the world. We have also met people who have a poor range of emotions. Emotional energy in the form of traumas, issues, long held pain is held in your cellular memory and therefore it is in your tissues. This energy when it is not dealt with continues to grow as you experience your issues in different ways down the years, eventually this energy can begin to cause cellular change leading to dis-ease. If your emotional pattern begins in childhood then this is where you need to begin the healing process. This may be an energetic reconnection to your inner child through healing energy and the use of appropriate flower essences, or it may be just a strengthening of your connection and to begin work on childhood issues that surface.


Personal and spiritual growth comes about by years of cleansing issues and healing. Facing you emotional baggage is one of the hardest things to do; your issues begin here in childhood. You may not consciously want to gain spiritual growth but to simply be happy and have fun but know there is a block somewhere. To reconnect with your Inner child or strengthen you connection is the beginning of a healing journey which will eventually help you find out who you are.


So how can you help yourself? The quickest way to reconnect is through a workshop, this is because Sue and I use our combined healing energies to facilitate the energetic process, and also our inner children guide/bring your child to you. We have watched this happen so many times. However all is not lost if you cannot attend a workshop. Firstly you need a deep desire, commitment and intention to reconnect to your inner child. We have an essence called Reconnecting to your Inner child which you need to take for up to three weeks, together with daily visualisations of yourself at about four or five years of age. When you can visualise the child [find an old photo to help you] play with him or her, hug her, talk, laugh, sing, and invite the child to sit on your lap. Eventually you may become aware of them and see them playing around you. To maintain or strengthen the connection it’s still a good idea to take the essence and again on a daily basis visualise the child and interact with them.


For healing Inner child issues you need to keep going back into your childhood to see what memories surface, set an intention to do this and keep a notebook of memories, a common theme may arise. We have a set of Inner child Essences designed to help you identify and  heal these early issues, these range from healing sadness to anger, jealousy, not feeling safe, reassurance and play to name a few.


By Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard.