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Hereditary Cleansing

Eons back in time, darkly inclined souls altered human DNA to reduce the amount of light in bodies. That allowed them to install patterning for physical weakness, illness, aging, death and severely decreased capacity for intelligence and spiritual clarity. Those limitations are being reversed by the ever increasing intensity of light coming to earth as our bodies absorb the light changes occur. How ever the range of essences below is also a valuable tool in cleansing your DNA of this patterning.


We have 2 strands in our cells and 10 in the metaphysical , which were switched off in effect.


There will be 12 essences one for each strand of DNA. And a 13 th for the 12 strands as a whole actually make one more, and a preparatory essence to begin .  14 essences comprise the set.


The Effects: Will certainly be far reaching. As you take these essences anyone who has the same DNA as you will be cleansed also. This will go back 2 generations. When you think of your family tree you can see it will be far reaching.


However we also have the genetic history of our past lives also stored in our body at cellular level . There fore the essences will have an effect on up to the last 7 past lives and 2 generations of those. Your future lives will also be affected. This is because your etheric body which you take from lifetime to lifetime as you complete the program  will hold the key for your new expanded blueprint which will go with you into your future lives.  


The reason this program comes at the end of The Enlightenment Process is because you need to have done a lot of deep healing and cleansing before the activation can take place. At the very least The Miasm Program and any soul retrieval needs to be completed. Its rather like you wouldn’t paint a room without first clearing out the furniture and preparing the walls!  


The Hereditary Cleansing Essence is a precursor to the work, a preparatory essence. This essence is taken for 10 days. The effects are a runny nose, bowel movements and possibly slightly chesty. It will vary for individual to individual of course.


13 DNA essences.


The intention of these essences is to cleanse , activate, balance and stabilise. They are to be taken for 3 weeks , twice a day ,dosage of 4 drops. With each change that occurred in our DNA erroneous belief patterns were also encoded.































Strand 1
Cleanses the patterns of ageing . Activates increased vitality, youthfulness. Eyesight improved.
Strand 2
Cleanses problems with learning and memory. Activates intelligence, mental capacity, ability to think with clarity and speed and increased memory and focus.
Strand 3
Cleanses patterns of illness. Activates health and well being. Cellular healing and intracellular communication.
Strand 4
Cleanses the patterning for diminished psychic ability. Activates all levels of  perception , telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. Intuition. And soul communication.
Strand 5
Cleanses all degenerative processes from the body. Activates good health.
Strand 6
Cleanses the patterns for diminished spiritual awareness. Activates spiritual clarity, communication with your higher self, inner listening and dialogues. Enhanced creativity.
Strand 7
Cleanses patterns of physical weakness. Activates physical strength., and ability to recruit universal energy when it is required.
Strand 8
Cleanses body systems. Activates body systems to function to their full potential and work in harmony.
Strand 9
Cleanses death patterns from the body. Activates the patterning for longevity.  Changes the soul /body interface.
Strand 10
Cleanses undesirable emotional patterning ie. Aggression , fear , anxiety, depression. And ego based fears. Activates the emotions to be in harmony with the other bodies. To come from our hearts rather than our heads.
Strand 11
Cleanses patterning to do with sex, puberty, menopause, gender and reproduction and birth. Activates harmonious and balanced patterns in this field.
Strand 12
Cleanses un harmonious patterns in the 8,9,10, 11, 12 chakras. Activates healthy balanced patterning.
Strand 13
This essence allows for the strands of 12 to work in balance and harmony . It acts like a master switch, reconfigures and fine tunes the system