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Help - A Trauma Combination Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50
30 ml Bottle - £8.75

Essences in the Combination

Star of Bethlehem in the Healing Garden; for shock (the energetic disintegration that occurs to all levels of our being from traumas of any kind.) and to bring calmness relaxation, and tranquillity.

Water of Enlightenment: For Courage when faced with a situation, to help also with feelings of panic and extreme fear.

Mother Beech: to bring a sense of being nurtured, cherished, safety, comfort and tolerance.

Angel of Peace: for deep peace and centering after an incident which causes us distress.

Cleansing: To help remove the energetic signature and residues left by viruses, fungi and their toxins which are in disharmony with our selves.

Shock, panic, fear, emotional disturbances of any kind, trauma this can be mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Car crashes and accidents, hospitalisation, witnessing and helping in other people’s traumas, disasters.

For when ever your equilibrium is distorted and you are unnerved.

For when ever there is a need to say Help.


Help Essence 10 ml


Help Essence 30 ml

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