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The Spiritual Chakras and Further Attunements

If you have been attuned to the White/Crystal Light of Christ Consciousness then you have been attuned to the 8th and 9th Chakras. It may well be that your Chakras have been aligned also, and the deep healing and cleansing of The Enlightenment Process has been under taken.


It is now that The Ascended Masters Jeshua and The Plaedians [Star People] will invite you to be attuned  further to the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and possibly 14th Spiritual Chakras. This will depend of course on your progress of spiritual development, the cleansing and healing.


It is important to understand that a piece of your soul is attached for want of a better word to each major chakra. As you are attuned to each higher chakra that corresponding piece of soul will be anchored in your heart. This enables this piece of your soul to then work through your physical body. Most people of course die before this can happen; the exceptions are The Dali Llama, and some Yogis around the world. However now at this time many people are becoming enlightened and are going through this process. In order to raise the vibratory frequency and consciousness on the planet and for their own sakes as well.


As you read what the Spiritual Chakras are about you begin to realise your potential for expansion, multi-dimensionality and many possibilities!


When the time is right An Ascended master will invite you to progress, by having further attunements. You will need to buy the appropriate chakra essence, which you will take for 3 weeks. Then you need to contact Sue or me for a telephone conference for an hour for the Attunement to take place.  After each attunement further work is done but you do not need input from Sue or I, you just need to know that it will happen daily or weekly and be prepared to sit and allow.


It takes 3-6 months or longer between each attunement. The time depends on your clearing process of issues and past life problems etc.




Spiritual Chakra Essence 10     £5.50 plus postage

Spiritual Chakra Essence 11     £5.50 plus postage

Spiritual Chakra Essence 12     £5.50 plus postage

Spiritual Chakra Essence 13     £5.50 plus postage

Telephone Conference for Attunement to appropriate Chakra   £35.00. Each.