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Fully Present - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
Being fully present, here, now, enables you to be fully aware, focused, taking in all that’s going on around you. Very clear in the head. Waking up fully present straightaway. Aware of thoughts, emotions, memories and their ramifications. Aware of consequences of actions and speech.

When we find it difficult to be here now. When our mind constantly wanders, unfocussed, unable to concentrate. When we feel that we are not all here, disconnected, head not clear, disjointed. When we feel that life is in charge of us we are not in charge of our life.

When you are fully present and aware your perceptions of reality expand, this enables you to look for new levels of significance as well as the hidden meanings of life. It enables you to grow as a being spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Increased awareness brings the realization of your responsibilities, knowing that your thoughts, feelings and emotions create the world around you.


Now - A Place Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
This Essence teaches us to be in the now moment. It slows us down. Expands awareness of ourselves, the world around us and our intuition. We can learn to focus.

When we desperately need to slow down, when events around us seem out of our control. For when we cannot focus and our thoughts are scattered. When we have lost our connection to people, ourselves and the world, because we are on the fast roller coaster of life and cannot get off. For when we don’t give ourselves time.

Being in the Now moment means you have slowed down and are paying attention to the details of life, your thoughts, your body and how it feels and what it is telling you, conversations and how they impact, the flow of life, the coincidences and what they are saying. The right side of your brain is working in a more balanced way instead of the controlling left side. You begin to have expanded awareness in the Now and life takes on a new sense of values.


Being Open - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
Being open to the excitement and adventure of the millions of wondrous possibilities and probalities of life.

Being open in the heart and mind.

Being open to being contented, knowing there is divine purpose in all situations, that all is well and all will be well. The universe just works.
Being open to now.
Being open to what you are thinking so you don’t close down.
Being open to being wrong when the situation arises

For people who are closed down, in fear, who cannot step outside of the perimeters of safety that they have built around themselves.
For people who immediately say no to new creative ideas.
For people who draw back when opportunity beckons.
For people who live in a negative world rather than a positive, whose glass is always half empty instead of half full.
For people who are never contented with their lot.
For people who cannot change their ideas, who can never be wrong.

Being open is saying yes; but or if or I don’t know is saying no. When you are being open you open up your life, it becomes enriched.

If you decide that you want more abundance for instance in your life but you think that it could only possibly happen if you win the lottery, then you have closed down immediately all other avenues for abundance to flow down. Being open allows for all possibilities and probabilities however remote you may think to come into your life.



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Joy – Schlumbergera Bridgesii
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

Puts a smile on your face, brings joy, a vibrancy, the Wow factor to your life, encourages excitement.  Gladdens heart and brings colour to your life.



When your life is mundane and a shade of grey and when all possibility of joy has gone from your life.  When you frown more than smile, when you have closed down, lost or forgotten how bright life can be.  The winter blues.



This essence was made on the winter solstice in 2005, before the energy changed over to the spring.  It is about looking forward and loving joy in your life in the dark times.  For reminding you that life can be vibrant, exciting, colourful and to smile.  It helps to bring this change of perspective from the mundane to waking you up, back to colourful life.  We spend so much time without smiling in our lives in a miasma of dull grey getting on with life –this essence intends to pull you out and make you realize that this does not have to be your norm.


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Trust - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects

To learn to develop Trust. In taking this essence it is to know that  everything is as it should be and will turn out for the highest good of all concerned. Once we trust we no longer have to control. Learn to allow, let go and let God /the universe just work.

For when we do not trust ourselves. When other people have hurt us deeply and we can never trust another human being again. For always being on our guard, not feeling safe and controlling our situations so that no harm will come to us. For when we do not trust that our bodies know how to innately heal. When we have so much fear locked away it prevents us from trusting, because our experiences have been that we cannot trust. Relentless worry.

When you come to the understanding that you are a creator of your own reality through intention and thought, then you can create the reality that you desire. A reality of being safe, peaceful, tranquil, calm, beautiful and abundant. Where there is love, kindness, honesty, integrity, wondrousness and you have good health and well being.

Understanding the law of Attraction. That what you give out is what you attract back to you, then it follows that if you give out love, have peace in your heart, compassion, honesty, integrity to name but a few �..that this is what you will get back in your created reality.

If you can allow yourself to trust and know and believe in this ability to create your reality then there is no need to create pain and anguish. You can let go of your old fears and worries by changing the perspective and creating it differently. We always have choice as to what path, what action and how we think. And if you don�t like it change it. You employ trust everyday unconsciously that you are making the right decisions. Now do it consciously. So question the fear and look at the choices you have and put in place new resolutions that disable the fear and trust the outcome.



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Acceptance - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To be at peace and happy with yourself.
To love and like the essential you.
For a deep knowing that you are alright.
For accepting all aspects of yourself.

For people who try to be what others would like them to be.
For people who wish they were like other people.
For people dissatisfied with themselves and are always striving to be better, more beautiful, cleverer, the winner.
For accepting other people with all their foibles, letting go the need to change them or have them accept your truth as their own.


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Wonder - An Inspirational Essence
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To open our hearts to the miracles and wondrousness of our surroundings.
To be awestruck by the beauty of our world.
To regain the magic of wonder as seen through the eyes of the child.
To enrich our souls.

For those who have lost the feeling or idea of wonder and awe.
For those who have closed down to all but the mundane.
For those who never see the natural world that they live in.
For those that look but do not see.
For those that have lost the magic of life.

‘Dear one, you are a miracle of this universe. Acknowledge that you are, and look about you to see the miracles reflected back to you. Allow the wonderment of these miracles to permeate your being. This wonderment is, indeed, life renewing and life affirming and absolutely life prolonging.’ From P’taah. The Gift. Thru Jani King

Wonder is a positive attribute that enriches us on all levels. Being positive in our lives helps to maintain our health and well being. Negativity is definitely detrimental to our health and well being.