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For Lightworkers - How to Release Emotional Baggage

Releasing your emotional baggage, behaviour patterns and belief systems leads to emotional maturity. Emotional maturity leads to Enlightenment and Ascension.


So where does your emotional baggage come from? Your emotional patterns foe this life are set from your perceptions or misperceptions about reality or what was happening from in the womb to the age of six years of age. These are the emotional experiences of the Inner Child. These patterns will repeat themselves throughout your life, be added to with each repeat scenario until you have a many faceted, complex emotional make-up.


Releasing your Inner Child emotions is, very painful, takes courage and people on the whole prefer to ignore and bury them. How ever unless you face them and let them go you will not progress. Also stored emotional baggage causes dis-ease.


Behaviour patterns are something we are born into, each family, village, society, country and planet has its own behaviour patterns. Patterns of how to think and live for instance.


Belief systems also come from, religion, society, education, parental influences, peer pressure.  Both belief systems and behaviour patterns have to be acknowledged, owned and released to unclutter your mind. When you have un cluttered your mind you can go within without all the mental chatter. When you can go within you can more easily open up to your internal dialogues of intuition, and your higher self.


So back to emotional baggage the starting point of the journey. Emotions are energy. We store our emotions in our physical body. Hence the great number of bodywork therapies that exist to unlock them. However the therapies may bring your issues to the forefront of your mind but you have to do the work to release them.


How do you do this? However painful it is you have to feel the feeling associated with the issue, it may be anger, grief, and frustration. You then have to acknowledge that this is yours, own it. As you do this the energy begins to move. Sometimes it helps to sob; wracking cries very quickly shifts the energy, and in a trice it’s all over and the feeling has gone. Deep breathing in to the feeling also will help move it. When an issue is coming up it may take days to materialise, bubbling away under the surface, you will feel out of sorts and irritable. Once you have done this once or twice you soon get to recognise it. Have faith, set the intention that you will clear it, and worry at it like a jack Russell and you will swiftly bring it to the fore. It may help to write it down to help you to acknowledge the issue. The issue once it has gone you may think that that is the end of that one, I am sorry to say that it may well arise for a second time or third because it is huge, complex and many faceted and you can only clear a bit at a time.


If you don’t go to body therapists how can you identify your issues? Well your family are the ones who serve you in this because they push your buttons the most, friends and work colleagues also help. You have to be alert and be on watch if your are serious about doing this work. For day to day incidents cause issues to arise. Your higher self will make sure of that. This being on watch is what the Dalai Llama calls mindfulness.


Is there an end to this, it can take several years. Yes there is an end; eventually you clear all your emotional baggage. People and incidents that use to bother you no longer have any effect.


This is hard diligent work. Let no teacher tell you that the road to enlightenment is easy.  Attunements to ever higher vibrational frequencies is not the answer unless you do the work associated with each attunement. Then you will have balance in your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and this will lead to enlightenment.


Cleansing yourself of your emotional issues/baggage inevitably leads to emotional maturity. , then a whole new awareness occurs.