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All Essences and Programs are Copyrighted; January 1st 2009, Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard.
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Fifth Dimensional Thought Forms Essence Set

Channelled by Dassia an Arcturian

The intention of this essence is to lead us back to freedom, free will and choice. This free will and choice is one of the keys of Enlightenment.


Positive Effects

To be free of the chains that bind, the patterns of behaviour and belief systems. To recognise when you sabotage your free will and choice, when you give your power away. To be free of all ensnarement’s and other people agendas. To be free to exercise our conscious free will and choice. To free the female energy from the tyranny of the masculine. To have the courage to return to free will and informed choice. Having the free will to make conscious choices without being coerced.




For those who have repeatedly been caught in a pattern of ensnarement, and not been able to be themselves and have to be what others want them to be. For those who have lost their free will from lifetime to lifetime. For women who are considered to be no more than chattels. For those who are bound by the ‘shoulds’ of life and are not being true to themselves, will and heart choices. For those who have had chains and bindings imposed upon them. For those who have not had the courage to break free.

The intention of these essences is to bring fifth dimensional thought forms to this plane now to help create a higher reality. These thought forms as symbols have already been embedded in crystals around the earth; this is the first time the symbols have been infused into essences


To have a higher reality requires higher thought forms. To have a higher thought form requires a vessel that the thought form can exist in comfortably.


  1. Thought Form Preparation Essence.

  2. Advanced Thinking Essence.

  3. Advanced Creativity Essence.

  4. Advanced Manifestation Essence.

  5. Advanced Imagination Essence

  6. Advanced Lateral Thinking Essence.

  7. Advanced Ethical Thinking Essence.

  8. Advanced Logic Essence.

  9. Advanced Reasoning Essence.

 10. Advanced Intuition


The whole set should be taken  one after the other, each one for 3 weeks.To complete the program.






Unfolding Enlightenment, A step by step Process. Copyright June 2009. Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard.

The intention of this essence is to heal our deep shame and embarrassment of bodily functions.


Positive Effects

To reach a new level of being open, honest and accepting. To have no embarrassment around the bodily functions of urinating, defecating, menstruating, burping and sex. To have no shame about the functions of the body. To recognise they are just an ordinary part of life, that just is. To remove all childlike reactions to bodily functions.



For all who have a deep shame and embarrassment about urinating, defecating, menstruating and relief of wind. For those who cannot talk about ordinary bodily functions without using words to try to cover them up, or mask what you are really talking about. For those who feel deep revulsion at even the thought of bodily functions never mind performing them. For those who feel that they are a lesser mortal if they admit to, or have to talk about their bodily functions.

The intention of this essence is to heal the deeply ingrained horror of humanity for things that crawl. This is a base chakra issue about being safe and secure.


Positive Effects

To be able to maintain courage, calmness, centeredness and creative conscious thinking in a situation where something crawls on to you. To help heal the primeval fear of things we think are out of our control. To heal the horror and terror of the unknown. To heal the panic and irrational feeling of being unsafe.



For those who have a deep terror, horror and phobic fear of all things that crawl. For the belief that things that crawl are out to get you. For those who go into panic if a spider or insect crawls on to them.

The intention of this essence is to create blending and a harmony between man and woman, fire and water, the male and female polarities


Positive Effects

To create within each person a possibility of compatibility, collaboration, co-creative and co-existence in a harmonious framework. For each person’s male and female aspects to be in harmony and balance. For relinquishing the fear of harmonious interaction. For men and women to have halt all fear and argument between their sexes.



For women that war on men. For men that war on women. For people who cannot come into inner harmony with their polarity aspects. For those who are in great fear or feel threatened by the prospect of harmonious interaction between the sexes. Fear of possible loss of some aspect of themselves. For people who always need to control. For those women / men who are totally dominated by the other sex.

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