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Unfolding Enlightenment A Step by Step Process - September 2008

This Process has been evolving over a relatively short period and has been undertaken by myself and my Sister, with some others following on the path. The process has come about by the help and guidance of various Ascended masters. It has been given to us along with the tools of White/Crystal light and numerous channelled Vibrational essences which act as catalysts to help the journey along. It has now been made clear that although the Process is an unfinished work that we should put it out in to the world to be used by others.


The Process is a path of cleansing and healing of unwanted energies leading to enlightenment. You have to clear out old energy before you can let new in .This is a practical, systematic down to earth approach to personal and spiritual development. The Enlightenment Process is for everyone who is committed to healing themselves and it will also lead back to your original blueprint to perfect health.


The choice is entirely yours of how much or little of the process that you do, it is to be done in your own timing and although we recommend that you do it in the steps set down it is not imperative. There are no hard and fast rules about the process. The one constant in the Process is that you will have a series of Ascended Masters guiding and helping you, along the journey.


So how will you feel along the way? There will be times of great clarity in your thinking, times of bliss, times of feeling so very good in yourself, great happiness and peace. Times of great reflection and insights when the world suddenly makes sense. Then there are the times as huge emotional issues and behaviour patterns are coming up that it is almost unbearable, but these do not last long, but there are a lot of them! It is then that you have to remind yourself that you are choosing to cleanse and heal and nothing lasts forever.

Every step in the Process is helped by The Shining The Light Trio. This is because you need Courage [Water of Enlightenment] to help you face and bring up your issues. Truth Essence to reveal the problem when you get stuck and Angel of Peace to centre you after the Storm of the emotional release. These were the first essences channelled to help humanity.


Step 1: The Attunement to the White /Crystal light of Christ Click here to go to the White Light Attunement page


Step 2: Reconnection to or the strengthening of your connection to your Inner Child

This step uses Reconnection to your Inner Child Essence and a handout to guide the reconnection. Click here.


Step 3: Healing your Inner child Issues

This step uses the Inner Child Essences and relief from the Energetic Detox Set to help you release issues that you will identify from the work on the handout. Click here.


Step 4: The Soul Retrieval Program

Click to go to the program, 1 in 5 people have some degree of soul loss, either from this lifetime or they have come in with soul loss. To become enlightened or even to function properly on this plane we need our souls to be whole. The program can either be with the use of essences or in severe cases the Spirit Healing Team needs to work.


Step 4a: Removing Energetic blocks. These are blocks which we all hold that stop us moving forward , they facilitate us  going  around in circles with issues never actually finally clearing  the problem. They were engineered  to stop humanity spiritually growing.


Step 5: Meditation and Self Awareness

This step encourages you to become more aware. To be, using Being essence and then Slow Down essence to slow down, and reach Deep Peace and Deep Stillness [also essences.] From here then you can use The Essences for Spiritual growth, to Let Go and Simplify, learn to be Fully Present in the Now. Being Open to Wonder, Joy, Trust and Acceptance.


Step 6:  Chakra Alignment

This is a series of four sessions during which your chakras are energetically aligned. This can only be done after a goodly amount of emotional clearing has taken place.  This allows you then to attune others to The White Light of Christ.  Alignment gives the benefit of emotional stability.


Step 7: Energetically Detoxing Yourself

This step uses the Energetic Detox Set of essences to help you clear your Aura from energetic residues from virus, fungi and bacteria and their toxins, and other energetic signatures of substances that are not in harmony with you. It is also at this time from using Clearing Karma that the importance of your past lives and unhealed incidents from theses lives overshadow this life. Many of this life’s issues are replicas of past life issues. Realising you have had past lives is a huge revelation and this encourages you to expand you avenues of thinking.


Step 8: Personal Realisation of Who You Are

This step uses The Personal and Spiritual Growth set to enable and teach you to make the realisation that you are much more than you think you are. That you are a multidimensional being, who works and exists in other dimensions simultaneously as this on e, that you do have past lives and that you are becoming an ascended master yourself through this process. So Essences such as Awareness, Greater Depths and Greater Reality, Balanced view and Creative Heart are all valuable. It is at this point that I recommend Frequency Restorer as it is so easy to become un balanced by other people’s energies and inharmonious situations.


Step 9: Healing and Cleansing Energetic Wounds

One of the things we have to do when we go to the astral plane is to take responsibility for our actions. When we take another’s name in vain we cause an energetic wound, a stab in the back. Likewise when people have talked about you in an unkind malicious way they have caused you energetic wounds. The essence Healing Energetic Wounds is for this process. You have to sit and think of all the people you may have caused harm to and send them white light and take the essence to clear your wounds.


Step 10: The Miasm Program Click here to go to the program.


Step 11: Releasing Behaviour Patterns. Click to go to the set.

This step needs you to systematically work through each bottle of the releasing behaviour patterns set. This is because they are so closely linked together and they can overlap. The process is not finished but this is as far as we have got at this time.


Step 12:  Clearing the Emotions of Illness    

 This essence allows us to clear from our physical and emotional bodies the memories, emotions, beliefs and thoughts of illness and injury.


Step 13:  Final Emotional Mop-up Essence.

This essence is for when you think you have cleared all of your emotional issues, baggage, beliefs, behaviour patterns.


Step 14: Hereditary Cleansing Program Click to go to the program.

Eons back in time, darkly inclined souls altered human DNA to reduce the amount of light in bodies. That allowed them to install patterning for physical weakness, illness, aging, death and severely decreased capacity for intelligence and spiritual clarity. Those limitations are being reversed by the use of The Hereditary Cleansing set of Essences. And the increasing intensity of light hitting the planet at this time.


Step 15. The Spiritual Chakras

This set of essences is for facilitating the opening, healing, balancing and stabilising of the Spiritual Chakras and the beginnings of the Universal set. Many people have some of these chakras open and working but may need some balance and integration work which these essences facilitate.


Step 16: Higher Dimensional Frequency Alignment.   These essences enable and prepare you to move into the higher frequencies of vibration of the fifth dimension.

Step 17: The Goddess Essence Sets. The re-introduction of the female energy , healing and balancing. Clearing the  effects of thousands of years  of the degradation of the female energy that we have held in ourselves for so long.

Step 18: Acknowledging, respecting and communicating with the physical body  and realising it has an elemental that oversees the internal workings..

Step 19:  Fifth Dimensional Thought Forms Essence Set - Channelled by Dassia an Arcturian.

The intention of these essences is to bring fifth dimensional thought forms to this plane now to help create a higher reality. These thought forms as symbols have already been embedded in crystals around the earth; this is the first time the symbols have been infused into essences


Hints and Tips. Contact Robina or Sue by email. Put Enlightenment process in the title for any queries. We do not want you to feel adrift and alone in this process as we know how challenging it can be. In your day to day life, situations and thought will flag up to you an issue that needs attention. It may be something someone says, if you feel cross about something it is an issue to be cleared. Stop and think and reflect and ask what is this situation showing me? If you are not feeling harmonious ask why, sit with it and feel the emotion. When you cry you release /transmute the unwanted energies of an emotion... It is good to cry. When an issue is coming up you may feel muzzy around your head, feel sick if the emotion is in your stomach chakra, or have back pain for a while. Miasm and behaviour pattern release can be experienced as fleeting aches and pains all over the body.


The Universe works in its OWN divine timing. Man tries to control it and comes unstuck! Allow it to work.




Unfolding Enlightenment, A step by step Process. Copyright June 2009. Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard.