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Cleansing - A Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph
30 ml Bottle - £5.50

The intention of this essence is to cleanse the aura of the energetic signature and residues left by viruses, fungi, bacteria and their toxins.

This essence will work only with those vibrational energies that are causing disharmony and major imbalances.

Dosage: Take for 3 weeks, then repeat as required for 3 weeks at a time.

Clearance - Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph
30 ml Bottle - £5.50

The intention of this essence is to clear the energetic residues or energetic signature of substances that cause disharmony in the subtle bodies or aura.
This is an umbrella essence to cover the vibrational frequencies of medicines, recreational drugs, cosmetics, cleaning agents, pesticides and complex compounds in foodstuffs and other substances that create disharmony.

Take for 3 months initially, and then take the essence very 3 months after for 3 days.


Relief - A Channelled Essence from Star of Joseph
30 ml Bottle - £8.25

Positive Effects
To relieve long held stress in the body from our traumas from in the womb to now.
To relieve the stresses from past lives that needs clearing.
To relieve residues of energy that no longer serve.

The intention of this essence is to energetically detoxify the stresses that we hold in our cellular memory. This could take up to 3 months, hence a 30ml bottle. This essence does bring up issues in rapid succession, and it may be wise to take Water of Enlightenment alongside it for courage.


Hereditary Cleansing - Channelled Essence from Star of Joseph
30 ml Bottle - £5.50

As we go through the shift of consciousness that we are all experiencing, there will no longer be the need for the energetic corruptions in our genes that have occurred over the last two thousand years. It is time to heal the bloodlines.

The intention of this essence is an energetic detoxification of unwanted energies that we hold, and pass on.


Clearing Karma - A Channelled Essence from Star of Joseph
10 ml Bottle - £5.50
Energetic Detox Essences

The intention of this set of essences is to clear the etheric body and other subtle bodies [the aura] affected by residual energies from this life and past lives . Theses energies may be long held stress, substances , micro-organisms or bloodline problems to name but a few.

These essences are designed to be taken one at a time.

For highlighting the deep emotional issues that you have not cleared from previous lifetimes that you have brought into this life time to heal. These may be extreme terrors of mutilation, torture and annihilation, incidents of great pain, sacrifice and suffering. Issues of pain to do with love and treachery and relationships, inadequacy, unworthiness, powerlessness to name but a few. You don’t necessarily have to know what the problem was in the past life, but often incidents in this life will bring up strong reactions which give you a clue, especially if what ever it is is outside your range of normal.

The morphengic resonance of this planet is fear, we are controlled by our fears. It is time to change and heal this. One way is for each person to heal their own emotional issues which not only benefits the person but the overall emotional energy around the planet. As we heal this the following generations will not be so infected with fear, it will no longer be a driving force in their reality.



Clearing Energetic Wounds - A Channelled Essence by The Hathors
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects:

For the hearing of energetic wounds caused by others from thought, speech and deed.  These wounds interpenetrate all of our bodies.  For the removal of energetic wounds present from lifetime to lifetime carried in our etheric bodies. This essence also helps to remind you of energetic wounds that you have afflicted upon others and urges you take responsibility and heal them.



When you feel that you have been stabbed in the back by someone.

When you feel you have an issue with someone and you may not know why.

Every time someone thinks, or speaks badly of you, to you or behind your back this causes an energetic wound.

Serious energetic wounds can cause shock (see Star of Bethlehem in the Healing Garden) and the potential to trigger a miasm or allow one to enter your subtle bodies.


See article Stains on Your Soul.