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Diary From Enlightenment Onwards ..... It Never Stops - October 2008

Sue and I were told that having finished the Behaviour patterns that we had done the process.  Well our bodies thought otherwise and continued to throw up pains, stabs, headaches and great tiredness.  Our bodies had gone through a huge ordeal clearing out patterns and emotions at a very fast rate, now it was rehabilitating. With this rehabilitation were residues of behaviour patterns and emotions….oh goodee we thought we had done all that! We have returned to the energetic beings that we came in as, with many gifts that were lost and now we have to learn what they are and how to use them.


A Friend asked me do I feel any different, well it has been such a fast  process that I have had little time to take stock , but now I can perceive aspects about myself and We are both noticing a change in our being and awareness. We began to realise as scenarios presented themselves that we had choice how to act and that the old patterns were no longer needed, it became a very conscious knowing and choice . We could choose to act for the highest good and realise that other people were of course only acting from there behaviour patterns of negative emotional states. We did not have to become involved. All we had to do was observe. Only act when asked.


We became aware that we were manipulating time and could slow it down; although we already knew this it became more pronounced. Slowly the realisation dawned that we were in more than one place at a time, and could begin to perceive it a little. [I could do this as a child but had lost the ability] There will probably be more about this.


People began to come into our consciousness that we no longer needed to be connected to and that some of these connections were not doing us any good. So we began to cut the energetic ties. You cannot cut ties with people that you have issues with. So you look at the issues and heal them. This was the first stage of a new process called Non-Attachment. This concept will be applied to all areas of our lives, when you can let go you can move forward.


Hathor guides have been helping us and prompting us to take notice of what is going on, bringing these thoughts to our awareness, indeed we could not have got this far without them and the other Ascended Masters that have helped us on this journey. So Thank-you! The Hathors are with us until the end of December they are seeing that our rehabilitation goes well and to guide us into knowing and remembering who we are. We know that Star of Joseph is coming to teach after that.


We notice that when we wake up we are crystal clear in thought and can achieve an amazing amount of jobs and creative thinking [this I may say is absolutely wonderful.] The clarity only becomes clouded when our bodies are throwing up any unresolved behaviour patterns or emotions. We also have as much energy as we need to do a job, and our bodies do not tire, for instance I have been shovelling compost and working hard in the garden , so long as I drink plenty of water there is no problem. I can suddenly break into a run and have the energy to do this and not be out of puff, the energy is there. It makes you realise how much energy we use to sustain all of our emotional baggage.


Dreams have played a big part in the whole of the process so far, our higher selves and the Guides on a very regular basis gave us dreams to help us understand our progress and journey. We have found when our egos/fears come into play to recite a mantra such as “All is well, all will be well, everything is as it should be, and the universe works if you allow it”  This is so useful to help centre yourself. Of course I am writing this at the time that the worlds monetary problems are being shown and brought into the light.


Sue and I channel words and ideas all of the time and again we have been doing this all the way through the process, and the key is to pick up on the kernels of wisdom that pop out ! These can be from our higher selves and the Guides.


Its now the end of October and our bodies are still rehabilitating.


More and more I have the feeling of all is well , the universe works and what will be will be, when plans are changed. I tend to think everything is as it should be the universe is just working, and I am happy to go with it. This makes life so much easier, there is no need to control or worry. This is at the time of the beginning of the world’s monetary systems going through a cleansing.


Sue and I are being shown now that we will be working with yet another healing team in spirit, this time to do soul retrieval. We already have our own teams that do healing work when we have one to one sessions with clients. So there will eventually be a new set of Essences to help people re-connect. It is all very exciting.


Robina and Sue