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How To Choose Them

You can use your head and read every profile/explanation of all the flower essences in the Directory. The one you like the sound of can be the one you need. Truth resonates, it makes sense to you. Using your heart or your intuition is another way. Your intuition is the first thought you have in your head. The second thought is your ego self contradicting the first thought. Be brave; go with your first thought. Be adventurous and see where it leads you - you'll be amazed how often it turns out to be right, even if the first thought seemed ridiculous.

Look at the pictures of the flower essences; one may jump out at you, as may the profiles.

Using a pendulum and dowsing is another way of getting your head out of the decision. This is always accurate. Take a pendant; it can be anything - even a cotton reel on the end of a string. Allow the pendulum to hang.

Ask it what is your answer for yes - it will either swing to and fro or round in a circle.

Ask it what is your answer for no - see what the reaction is.

Try asking it many questions. Questions about your future won't be accurate as there are always more probable's.

Once you are confident you can begin to ask which flower essences to take.

Muscle Testing
Another method is simple muscle testing (Kinesiology). Make two rings with your fingers, one with your left hand (pic 1) (thumb and little finger) and one with your right hand (thumb and index finger). Insert one inside the other (pic 2), preferably the right hand into the left.

Ask a question and gently see if the left hand ring can be broken by a small amount of pressure by the fingers

of the right hand circle trying to part (pic 3). If an answer is Yes the left hand circle will stay complete, if the answer is No the left circle will part. Ask many questions to test, then try to ask about which flower essences to take.

Most people can either dowse or do simple muscle testing - neither is essential - but very helpful to take your

Intellectual mind out of the questions.