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Chakra Alignment

What is this ?


This is an energetic alignment which is done by An Ascended Master. The process enables all of your chakras to work in harmony with one another. Once all of the chakras are lined up and are synchronised  they will all spin at the same speed and in the same direction. Universal energy and the white light flows more easily through your body with little hindrance  from the chakras because there are no longer any  blockages.  


This process should not be confused with chakra balancing which is done as a part of the healing process by many healing modalities. This is when healing energy is put into the chakras to enable them to spin  properly and to enable misqualified energy and emotional issues to be released. The body will continue to take energy until the practitioner feels that each chakra feels the same. This state cannot be sustained by the client however because a) they are out of alignment and b) they haven't cleared sufficient of their emotional issues to allow the state to be maintained.


When does this Happen ?


This will occur when you have cleared a significant amount of your emotional issues,  thus enabling the white light to have a clear unhindered path. As you continue to clear even more of your issues so the alignment becomes ever more finely tuned, the chakras become even more synchronised and the light becomes brighter and brighter. However, it is important to note that you can knock out the alignment if big emotional issues are still clearing.


Once you have cleared sufficient of your large issues there will come a point where you will be able to sustain the alignment . This state can only be achieved when you have gone through most of the clearing processes in the enlightenment process . The clue is in the name!


How does Alignment occur?  


An Ascended Master  does the alignment since it is a complex process for which we mere mortals do not have the tools. The Master  will do 4 sessions of lining up and synchronising your chakras to spin at the same speed. Starting at the crown , two to three chakras are done at each session.


After each alignment , some emotions may well come up to be cleared. So it is as well to be prepared for this to occur.


White Light Attunements.


For those people who have been attuned to the White Light, chakra alignment means that they can now withstand the huge amount of energy required to go through them in order to be able  to Attune others. It is also easier on them to work with spirit teams, without suffering energetic side effects.


This work can be done distantly, see under White Light Attunements for further info.


The Enlightenment Process


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