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Being - A Channelled Essence by Quan Yin
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To Teach you to be aware of how you are being in every now moment.
To teach you how to be still, quiet and peaceful. To stop your minds endless chatter.
To become aware of your contentment with life, realising you no longer need to strive, compete or yearn.
To learn to access your inner knowing.
To learn to be in your heart not your head, and what this means and feels like.
To be rather than do.
For self realisation.

For when you feel a desire to know more about yourself.
For when you realise there is more to you than your everyday self.
For when you ask the questions who am I and what am I .
For when you are out of balance and doing is all you do.

This essence is for when you stop allowing life to rule you and realise you can rule your life. That you are a being in your own right, a spirit having an experience called life. This essence allows you to access the part of you that you had hidden, your heart self??who you truly are. When you master the art of being you can be in balance with the side of you that does the doing [which has been in charge up until now] P'taah [A spiritual teacher] once said it is how you are being while you are doing that counts.  It is helpful to take Slow Down Essence in conjunction with Being.