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Balanced View - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To view things equally with the left and right eye, left and right brain.
To see a full rounded picture and perspective that is balanced with clarity and insight
The emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves will be in alignment through a balanced view.
A balanced view allows us to be centred.

For when you use one eye more than the other, giving you a distorted view.
For when you shut out or ignore half the picture.
For when you do not wish to see the entire picture because it is too painful, and this habit of shutting out the whole picture has come from bad experiences.
When you see every situation from the perceptions of the wounded child, which gives a distorted view of reality.
For when you only perceive your world from the mental plane and do not see the pain and emotions that surround you.
For people who have problems seeing on any level.

It is to understand that seeing, insight, clarity, perspective; fear on an emotional/mental level affects our physical eye sight.


The intention of the essence is to promote and strengthen your awareness, so that you have the highest and widest vision and awareness to be able to see oneself from many aspects. Allowing in the possibility of your multidimensionality. This Awareness then enhances your soul confidence, belief in yourself, knowing that you can, and letting go of the fear that you are not good enough to do this.

Soul Confidence is so important because we are programmed to not believe in ourselves. As your awareness and widest vision grows so will your belief and confidence.

Whatever level of consciousness you are at this essence will help you to gain the full potential of awareness possible at this level, however change is constantly occurring so that as you become more aware you constantly grow further, more light dawns, more truths become evident, the more you see of yourselves and so it continues.


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Greater Reality - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Positive Effects
To open and expand into the knowing that we are part of a greater reality;
That the truth of what we think we are now is only a small part of the whole.
To accept happily this knowledge that greater reality and potentials unfold as our awareness and spiritual development increases.
To become aware that the veil is lifting and that which has been hidden is in fact in plain sight and always has been.
To help you access the ideas of the greater reality you are a part of.
For letting go of the fear that we could possibly be more than we conceive ourselves to be.
For pushing out and expanding the confines of our present belief systems, and being comfortable with this concept that they are infinite.

For those who are on a journey to discover who and what they are.
For those on the ascension path.
For those who are in fear of a bigger reality.
For those who are stuck and need to look beyond their present point.


Awareness - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50
Greater Depths - A Channelled Essence by Kuthumi
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

Greater awareness brings with it the ability to access greater depths of emotional baggage/issues of the soul.

The intention of this essence is to enable you to access, grab, pull out and clear these deeper issues. It may be that you will never know what they are about or need to know but they manifest as depression or anger or another emotional response pathway your body has learnt to show up a problem with.

Divine timing governs the access to these deep more complex issues. They will be presented to you to clear when it is the right time. I would suggest to have this essence handy.

This essence also applies to the Indigo and Crystal children and adults whose soul energy is different to many and who may feel isolated, abandoned, lost and different, not understood and have emotions that they cannot compute.

This essence is also for those going through the Ascension process or knowingly are changing their vibrational frequency.


Creative Heart - A Channelled Essence by Star of Joseph
10 ml Bottle - £5.50

This essence teaches the following.
The secret of the universe is balance. The universe knows you need to be sustained on all levels to express your highest potential in this lifetime. There is nothing sinful about that.
When you are truly creative from the heart, you will attract a receiving flow as well and only by allowing it in will you keep the outward flow of creativity alive and vibrant.
By receiving joyfully, you expand the flow of abundance for both yourself and others. The creative spiral always generates a receiving flow also, so that receiving and giving are balanced out. That is the way of the heart.

For people who have a block in their heart around creating abundance.
For people who believe that it is not spiritual to have money or abundance.
For people who have guilt about receiving money.
For people who believe that money is the root of all evil.
For people who believe that they are not deserving of abundance and money.