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Animals and Flower Essences

Animals have emotions too. They can become shocked, frightened, bewildered, depressed and stressed. Essences are an effective way of helping, animals respond well to them and they are safe with no side effects. Watch your animals for behaviour changes, aggression, destructiveness, withdrawal, fearfulness and naughtiness.

Reasons why an animal may need an essence.......
Animal has been re-homed.
Animal has suffered cruelty.
Change of environment.
Other animals introduced into home/stable.
Owner very stressed/angry/ill (animals will pick up on all of these).
Owner dies, other companion animals die.
Animal sick or injured.
Animal left alone for long periods of time.
Thunder, lightening, fireworks, atmospheric changes/magnetic shifts.

Harmony for Nature - An emergency essence, a good essence for your animal first aid kit.

This essence is to do with the planet and the nature kingdoms.
To restore balance/equilibrium, to calm, reassure and stabilise
For Nature becomes shocked and frightened when conditions become extreme, terrifying weather, magnetic shifts which we are not aware of necessarily, but the animals tell us by their behaviour. Earth tremors, shakes, volcanic ash in the atmosphere, changes in the environment, upheaval. This is for the plants, trees, your gardens; farm animals, pets, wildlife, put it in their drinking water. To be put into streams, waterways, ponds; onto the earth itself, watering the soil will take the essence down into the earth helping heal the earth in her time of change and distress. By doing this we are taking responsibility.

Dosage: 1 drop in animal's drinking water
3 drops in a gallon of water for the gardens
1-2 drops in a pond
7 drops in a stream

It is powerful so don't pour a whole bottle into a river, unless the river is extremely wide!

Essences are easy to use for your animals - just add to food or water.

Individualised combination essences can be made up for your other animals. Contact me with the details and I will post one off to you.