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Everything You Need to Know About Miasms

Miasms are special energy phenomena which are at the root of all diseases. They are independent energy realities which impact a life system at a point of vulnerability, move into that system and become part of its make-up. Miasms are not actually diseases, but rather the potential for disease. They are also the energetic basis of genetically inherited diseases. They are crystallised patterns of karma.


Miasms enter our energy systems via the chakras. They are stored in our subtle bodies, especially in the etheric, emotional and mental bodies (and to a lesser degree, in the astral). They penetrate at the molecular level at first, moving on to cellular level and finally to the physical. They cause chronic and debilitating problems in mind, body and soul.

Miasms are the lack life force rather than just negative energy. This means that dormant miasms are activated where there is a lack of light in the body  when your life force/vitality is weakened by shock, illness, trauma, stress and the ageing process.


A person may have several miasms residing in the body/bodies at any given time in their lives. Some will be active, while others will be dormant. As you age you acquire other miasms, so an older person will have more miasms than a younger person. The presence of any miasms in the body will aggravate it and pave the way for other miasms to develop.


When life force is replenished, then healing on some levels can take place and the symptoms of the disease may well disappear for a time. However, many people who receive healing and subsequently become well again, do not necessarily realise that part of the healing process is to look beyond the illness and to confront the underlying problems which caused it. If healing does not take place on all levels then the energetic blueprint for perfect health cannot be re-established, so the environment for disease to manifest will be recreated.


Some sources talk about miasms being Planetary, Inherited, and Acquired or Random. However, it is important to note that all of them can be all of these things because not everyone will have the same inherited or genetic miasms. Likewise, not everyone will acquire the same random miasms in their lifetime.


Planetary Miasms are stored in the collective consciousness of the planet as well as in the ethers. They are Psora, cancer, syphilis, tuberculosis, gonorrhoea and HIV and the antibiotic miasm.


Inherited/Genetic Miasms are stored in the cellular memory of individuals. These are the psora, syphilitic, sycotic, HIV, Cancer, tubercular, heavy metal, radiation, petrochemical, recreational drugs and the immunisation miasms. These miasms can also be random or acquired.

Acquired/Ransom Miasms are acute or infectious diseases, or slow viruses which are acquired by the individual during a given lifetime. After the acute phase of an illness, the infectious toxins settle into the subtle bodies and into the molecular and cellular levels where they are then poised to cause other problems. They can remain dormant for many years before infection.   


The Psora Miasm

People who have the psora miasm have an imbalance in the rhythmic functions of the body; general mental and physical irritation; numerous skin disorders; congestive states as well as deformities in their bone structure. Such people are usually tired and mentally alert, but often anxious, timid and perhaps sad or depressed.


The Syphilitic Miasm

This miasm is partly caused by syphilis. It has a destructive effect on all tissues, especially bones. Imbalances in the excretory functions often lead to ulcers. Cardiac and neurological symptoms (such as meningitis) are very common. Such people are easily upset, sentimental, irritable and suspicious.


The Sycotic Miasm

This miasm is caused by gonorrhoea . It produces disordered assimilation leading to deposits, congestion and tumour formation. Disorders often occur in the pelvic region; the sexual areas; the skin, digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts. Rheumatism of the small joints is another problem. These people tend to be fearful, nervous and morally degenerate.


The Tuberculosis Miasm

With this Miasm people are prone to respiratory, circulatory, urinary and digestive problems. In addition mental illness and cancer will also develop. Chilliness and weight loss also occur. Such individuals are unable to make decisions or face the realities of life in a stable way. They have lively imaginations and artistic tendencies but are prone to wanting to escape from the material world.


The Radiation Miasm

This miasm is associated with the massive increase in background radiation especially since the Second World War. It contributes to :premature ageing; slower cell division; deterioration of the endocrine system; weakening of bone tissues; anaemia; arthritis; hair loss; allergies; bacterial inflammations (especially in the brain) deterioration of the muscular system and cancers-especially leukaemia and skin cancer. Skin disorders such as lupus, rashes and loss of skin elasticity also occur. Individuals can have hardening of the arteries and the full spectrum of heart diseases. Females are also prone to miscarriage and excessive menstrual bleeding. Males experience sterility or a drop in sperm count.


The Petrochemical Miasm

This miasm is caused by the huge increase in petroleum based as well as chemical products in use in the world today. Some of the problems caused by this miasm are: fluid retention; diabetes; hair loss; infertility; impotence; miscarriages; premature greying of the hair; muscle degenerative diseases; skin blemishes; as well as the thickening of the skin’s tissues. Metabolic imbalances that cause excessive storage of fatty tissue may also occur. It is harder to resist stress and psychoses, especially classical schizophrenia and autism. Leukaemia and cancer of the skin and lymphs also occur. It is harder to assimilate vitamin K which in turn results in circulatory disorders as well as endocrine system imbalances.


The Heavy Metal Miasm

This miasm is cross indexed with other miasms. For instance, radioactive isotopes often latch onto heavy metals. The contents of this miasm include: lead, mercury radium, arsenic, sulphuric acid, carbon, aluminium and fluoride. Symptoms include allergies, especially from petrochemicals; excessive hair loss, excessive fluid retention; inability to assimilate calcium and susceptibility to viral inflammations.


It takes longer for this problem to become an inherited miasm because these minerals have existed in minute quantities in people, the water and in the atmosphere for thousands of years. Therefore a tolerance to them has developed. It is important to note however, that this tolerance is only for elements which have historically only existed in water. The ever increasing existence of these pollutants in the atmosphere is a key factor in this problem becoming an inherited miasm.


Conditions which cause these last three miasms are a very recent development , since it is only in recent years that people have been exposed to these pollutants in the form of: nuclear accidents; toxic waste dump problems; unleaded petrol issues and any other incidents where the atmosphere is contaminated with toxic or poisonous chemicals or elements.


The Recreational Drug Miasm

This miasm causes psychoses, skin disorders, hair loss, liver failure, kidney problems and disorders of the nervous system.


The Immunisation Miasm

This is a relatively new  miasm, having only been activated in the latter half of the 20th century. It is caused by the ever increasing use of vaccines on very young babies. Multiple vaccines, which are becoming more prevalent, especially dangerous since they introduce too many substances into the body at any one time thus exponentially  increasing the amount of  shock to the various bodies systems as well as compromising the immune system at point of entry. This miasm produces diseases of the immune system, (M.E. and the like) as well as the Rheumatoid Arthritis group, asthma and chest infections. It also causes autism and senile dementia.


The HIV Miasm

This miasm causes immune system problems, with susceptibility to chronic and acute infections, toxaemia, renal failure and skin disorders. There will also be acute stress and anxiety symptoms.


The Cancer Miasm

This miasm causes a susceptibility to cellular changes in any area of the body. The more miasms that a person has which are associated with certain areas of the body, the greater the risk will be of developing cancer. Cellular breakdown occurs with this miasm too and genetic miasms can be triggered.


The MRSA Miasm.  Channelled by Rieesha Ascended Master.

The Miasm for MRSA causes the immune system to be weakened, and also interrupts the body’s normal healing processes. It can also be an agent for further infestation by other miasms, because of the weakened state and shock to the body.


If you are a known carrier of MRSA then you will have the Miasm present. It would be appropriate to take the Metamorphosis of MRSA essence as well as the Help Essence.





Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard

The Miasm Program Implementers