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What Flower Essences Are

This is where what you know and what you've possibly never heard of come together!

Essences can be made from flowers, crystals, gems, trees, sea life, animals, birds, people, places and our friends in spirit - known as angels, ascended masters and light beings. The vibratory signature or frequency of, say a Daisy, is infused into spring water, by the sun or the moon and by energy from the spirit realms, nature spirits and Devic Kingdom.

Recent research has shown that water has a memory, the vibrational signature of the flower is held in the water, the added Brandy preserves this. The vibratory signature or frequency is compatible with an emotion. Think how much energy there is when you are angry - the frequency of that energy of anger matches a flower or crystal's signature. By taking the essence you help dissolve or release that energy from your body.

Why is this important? We all have emotional baggage, secrets we keep locked away, pain, shame, hurts from which we hide. All these emotions are energy. This energy we hold in our bodies or our Aura (the electromagnetic field we have around us). The energy eventually causes disease. This takes the form of changes at cellular level in our physical body, thus giving rise to nearly the whole spectrum of illnesses that humanity suffers from. Most complementary therapies understand this concept and work from it. It's where we differ from conventional medicine.

We release emotional energy when we cry, sometimes when we sing, shout, stamp our feet or even laugh from the belly. It is not easy for us 'stiff upper Lipped British' to do this, we get embarrassed by shows of emotion, 'weeping and wailing', but we would be better off if we indulged from time to time!

Flowers and other natural friends in Nature have given us the tools, a means to help ourselves. As with many forms of healing it is not new, it was used in Atlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Egypt as well as by the Native American Indians and the Aboriginals. The latter two didn't make an essence; they just needed to be near the flower or animal to pick up the vibratory signature, because they are very close to the earth and her rhythms. We money driven industrial and scientific bods have lost our innate capabilities.

In the 1920's Dr Bach, an English doctor/surgeon began the movement of vibratory medicine in the form of his Bach's flower essences.



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