Rose Cottage Flower Essences, Rose Cottage, Playford Mount, Great Bealings, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 6PH
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All Essences and Programs are Copyrighted; January 1st 2009, Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard.
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Rose Cottage Garden

Rose Cottage Garden is a healing garden.  The Garden consists of a meadow with a wildlife pond in it. A Flower garden in two parts with another small pond and a Walled Garden for fruit, vegetables and the chickens!


We have two ley lines that cross on the rockery.  One ley line runs from Leiston across to Playford Church, running up Boot  street  in Great Bealings.  The second begins in our Garden and runs across into the large adjacent wood and beyond.  My husband dowsed and found them, we also saw one plotted on a map. The Leylines in part account for the amazing energy here.  


The Garden has a peaceful and calming ambience and you want to sit and just be and not leave it.  Also many years ago in the 1600s there lived a lady here who grew herbs for healing, this vibration has remained in the garden so Spirit has told me.


Further research has made me also draw the conclusion, and it’s confirmed by Spirit, that Beal fires were lit here.  The name of the village is Great Bealings and adjacent is Little Bealings.  Beal fires were lit on hills often where 2 leylines crossed.  We are on a hill! A Beal fire is the Beltane fire of ceremony Celtic Sun and healer God Belarius.  Integration of the male and female aspects of the self has lond been seen as one of the prime goals of spiritual and psychotherapeutic work and Beltane represents the time when we can open to this work fully, allowing the natural union of polarities that occurs in nature at this time.


I also make a conscious effort to work with the Deva of the Garden and the Nature Spirits in a co-creative way.  This means I ask which, what and where plants should go; fertilising done, etc.


The Invitation To Visit

The Garden is open on Tuesdays at the moment from April to October.  It is for people to come and sit to reconnect with Nature - to have time out, to think, to heal - to just be.  A time of contemplation and solitude.  Time out!  The Garden will work its magic and healing always occurs.  A chance to talk is always available.


You need to ring to book a place as I limit numbers so that we do not get too crowded.


Parking in Holly Lane would be appreciated.

Food is not available but a drink is.

There is a Bed & Breakfast in the village if you travel a long way and want to sleep the night